Nothing is more exciting than being a food blogger and traveling to new places to hunt for new cuisines. I’ve always believed in discovering stories related to food and sharing those stories in my food channel via Instagram/YouTube “”. I have traveled to different parts of Nepal for 2-3 years now and have discovered many new things about my own country. Telling these stories to my followers was an immensely proud moment for me. The whole reason why I started blogging was to come across new foods and share my experiences.
Lately in Nepal, an international food craze is growing. With the number of international cuisine restaurants on the rise, people’s enthusiasm to try those foods is also increasing. Currently Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisines are immensely popular among the people who eat out. The culture of just eating momo and chowmein is slowly changing and the obsession for western food and international cuisine is increasing. In light of this, as a food blogger, I wanted to be honest in my reviews of international cuisines and so I planned for my very first international food trip: to Thailand.
Thai restaurants in Nepal are growing day by day. People here in Kathmandu accept Thai cuisine because its palate and spices are familiar to our tastes. But I wanted to experience its authentic flavors so that I could give better reviews. So, what could be better than a Thailand trip where I could get to taste all the happening food and share my food adventure!

First of all I would like to thank the Embassy of Thailand for granting me the visa to travel to the beautiful and exotic food land of Thailand and to “Lyfcha” for sponsoring my trip to Thailand.
I was really excited about this trip because I knew I would be discovering some crazy and exciting food and sure enough, Thailand was even better than I had expected. I went with a friend who already had been to Thailand so the trip was really easy for me. First, we went to Ban Sang because my friend’s cousin lived there. This place was not that populated, but there was the magnificent ocean and with it came exotic sea food. I was completed stunned to see the variety of seafood there: lobsters, shrimp, crayfish, oysters, clams, octopus and much more, with hundreds of fusions. At one restaurant (I’ve forgotten its name) they had a boat, a big one, and it was literally filled with seafood and you pay a certain amount and can eat as much as you want. That night was one of my best experiences. Some of them I had for the first time so I didn’t even know how to eat them. But I am thankful to the vendors who were really helpful and taught me the techniques. So on my very first day I tried all the seafood Ban Sang had to offer.
After two days, I went to Bangkok because that’s where thing get heated up and I ended up staying there throughout my trip. It was no less than a Disneyland to me, a food heaven. Every corner, every house had a food court/stall. And big malls like MBK Center, Platinum, Terminal 21, Central World and Iconsiam have immensely huge food courts where you can literally get lost. For me, though, I really wanted to explore street food more than those food courts. So I planned visits to some happening street food markets like China Town, Chatuchak weekend market, Silom night market, Asiatique, Ratchada, and Sukhumvit market and here I came across the best of the best authentic Thai food.
Pad Thai was something I was dying to try because that dish is crazily famous in Nepal. So I wanted to check if the flavors matched. I tried it at a few markets and every stall had different flavors in their pad Thai. I mean the home recipe plus the sauce variation differs. But the freshness was alive in all and that’s what is lacking here in Nepal. It’s so lively there; the rice noodles, shrimp, tofu, and Thai sauce are fresh and rich in flavors. One must always try pad Thai when you visit Thailand because that taste will haunt you forever and honestly I still crave it.
Another food on my list to try was mango sticky rice which was also literally available everywhere in Bangkok. Mango sticky rice is a traditional Thai dessert made with glutinous rice, fresh mango and coconut milk. I observed that people in
Thailand really appreciate this sweet dessert as there is a rich history associated with it. Sadly I haven’t tried any mango sticky rice here in Nepal but what I had there was extraordinary. The wonderful texture—soft and creamy, plus the taste, it was simply mouthwatering! Green papaya salad, cashew chicken, green curry, Tom Yum, Guay Teow (Noodle Soup), Thai omelette, coconut ice cream and pineapple fried rice were some of my other discoveries.
I had a funny incident with a very interesting fruit called durian, also known as the world’s smelliest fruit. I knew this fruit smelled bad but I had no idea that the smell was so strong. I packed the fruit and took it to my hotel room. I had no clue that this fruit was banned in my hotel. Next morning I couldn’t even stay in my room because of the smell that had spread all over the floor. I had a small discussion with the hotel owner and I had to change my hotel just because of the terrifying smell durian caused. After that I lost interest in even trying the fruit; I was already full with its smell.
Another insane food I tried was crocodile meat. Surprisingly, it was exactly like a chicken, very tender and delicious. I got lots of negative feedback after I posted about me trying crocodile meat because yes, it was shocking to people in Nepal. But I was prepared for my adventure and the food I was about to explore. So the negative comments didn’t affect me. I even tried cockroaches and spider which were very crunchy, salty and mildly bitter. I enjoyed it all thoroughly.
With all the amazing experiences I gained, I recommend that everyone who is a big- time food lover should go and explore Thailand. It is rich and crazy with thousands of foods and you will have the best days of your life. With a limited budget you can eat and travel to many places in Thailand for about two weeks’ time. I gained a lot of experiences when it comes to Thai cuisine, and I have become confident while reviewing Thai food from this trip. Thank you, Thailand, you were a food dream land. See you again soon!