Fine places to eat around Kathmandu

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Nandani Food Court
Newari dishes are, and always will be, top-of-the-list for their authenticity, and Nandani Food Court in Patan is a prime destination for the same. Always bustling with customers, this place offers an array of Newari food, topped by the 50-rupee chaku yomari and alu. Once is never enough here.

Tibetan Top Tasty Laphing Center

Recently, laphing has created a buzz like no other dish, and everyone is in love with it. Many flavors and variety of laphing, such as jhol, keema, chips, bacon, sausage, and Wai Wai have emerged as favorites, with this place in Fulbari, Boudha, being one of the oldest and probably the best in terms of laphing.

Shandar Momo

Amongst numerous momo outlets, Shandar surely and truly stands out, which can be felt once you visit them and see the never ending crowd. The dumplings, drowned in jhol with a hint of spice, and their special sauce, surely leaves one’s palate craving for more.

Rampam Chatpatey

Typical amongst the chatpatey places, this one, which has been running for almost 30 years in mid-Baneshwor, offers a deadly combo of Rum Pum noodles fused with traditional ingredients of chatpatey, with the strong flavor resting for some time on your taste buds, undoubtedly one of the must-go-to-places for chatpatey lovers.

Bara Pasal, Indrachowk

One special place amidst the maddening crowd in Indrachowk is this bara shop, small in appearance, but oh my, the taste just blows one away. The khuwa yomari and alu masyura here surely makes one return time and again. Also, make sure to drop by before three, or else they are always out of stock.

Narayan Dai Ko Mashan Galli Ko Momo

If momo is our favorite, this place surely and truly is the place to go to. It has been running for years and growing more popular by the day. How can dumplings form Narayan dai, with their incredible special achar, not make us fall in love with them. And, another must-try here is the veg momo, a plate of 10 momos just ain’t enough.

Fresh Potato Chips, Pimbahal, Patan

Who doesn’t love chips, and among the local eateries, this one is special, as it provides a variety of crispy chips with tingling flavors; chips with bang-on-taste that are low-budget, as well. From 20 rupees to 200, they have banana chips to sweet chips and more. A hugely popular and much-loved place for chips and dalmots and some other homely snacks.

Water Momo, Jhegu Chey

The love for momo is never ending for us, and it will continue to be our go-to food. This place manages to grab some eyeballs with its process of making the momos. Contrary to regular steamed momo, here they are boiled, offering a different taste and feel, which is being loved to great extent. A cool place to taste the dish that we all have been eating for ages, the hygiene here being a big plus point.

Alu Nimki, Nakhipot

Within the budget, and with unlimited flavor, this place at Nakhipot is always buzzing with the exploding taste buds and joy of people coming over. The dahi puri chat, pani puri, and alu nimki leave you unsatisfied, making you ask for more. A simple place with flavorful vibes and crowd.

Sekuwa, Golfutar

If we love non-veg, how can sekuwa not be loved? It is one of the most enjoyed non-veg items, and Golfutar’s sekuwa tops the list as the most delicious one. Spiced up to perfection, marinated beautifully, and served with delicious flavor and aroma. A place where the mutton, buff, and chicken sekuwa are just finger licking.