Good Things do come in Small Packages, World of Waffles

I’ll be honest. I am not a waffle person, and this happened to me after I had my first waffle in some restaurant. It was my first waffle, and I didn’t like it then and there. Since then, I’d never had a waffle again, until just recently, which changed my mind about the dessert.

I got a chance to visit this place, World of Waffles, at Labim Mall. Since I’m not a waffle person, I didn’t know what to expect. Now, I’d expected something large, a restaurant at least. However, the World of Waffles was a like a kiosk, but one that stands out among some other such establishments of the area. Quite a crowd gathered there, which might have been due to the the aroma from that small place. Yes, it smelled delightful..

The minute we (me and a friend) stepped near, we were greeted with warm welcoming smiles. The atmosphere was really cozy and gave a coffee shop vibe. The others who’d just left the place looked really satisfied, and then I thought, maybe this was going to be good. To me, the menu was overwhelming, and yes, it’s because I’m not a waffle person. My friend, however, was already scanning with great excitement, and maybe he’d found what he was having. I wasn’t even able to decide, and after some recommendations from the staff, I finally settled for the Oreo & Cream Waffle topped with hot Belgian chocolate sauce, pieces of crushed Oreo cookies, fresh cream, and a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Overwhelmed, or fascinated maybe, by the sight of it. The sheer amount of sweetness present before me had my sweet tooth already tingling, I mean, I came here looking for a waffle, and I got this—not only a dessert, but a visual array of pleasantry. I took only a small bite of it, at first, but immediately wanted more! I took a bigger bite, a mouthful, and let the flavors slowly overcome me. The crispy and buttery smooth crust, with the fluffiness at the same time, was so light that it melted in my mouth. Add the fresh cream and a small spoonful of ice cream to your bite, and it was even better. Trying to savor the full taste of every element in every bite, before it melted, I sampled the whole scrumptious waffle, and I wanted more. This waffle had changed my mind about waffles, and I’ll never say no to a waffle from this place, ever!

World of Waffles is an amazing haven for dessert, really. Just one week into its opening, and I could see why the place was mostly crowded. People were prepared to wait and queue up to sample this delightful dessert. The idea was conceived by a group of friends who shared an insatiable love for desserts. This group of friends came up with this idea in Mumbai, where they used to get these crisp, buttery, light and delicious waffles. They thought of bringing the taste here to Nepal, and they did. And now, this place grows popular by the day, with foreigners and locals alike. What’s great about this dessert is that, these delights can have a number of inventive toppings available to choose from, and you just have to find the right combination of flavors. Therefore, it is likely that we might get to taste a new kind of waffle each time we visit. Even if you’re not a waffle person, like me, you might change your mind once you taste one from this place. The World of Waffles might be small, for now, but good things come in small packages!