Patan has become a center of delicious delights. From mouth-watering bara in the alleys around Durbar Square to fine dining options, it has everything! If you ever find yourself embarking on its streets for the next great meal, look no further than a small eatery called CHi-CHi Grill located in the east of Mangal Bazaar. Their offerings mainly include grilled chicken and fish that are mostly offered as takeaways.
The décor is simple, inviting, and snug, with a long table and couple of chairs. The space is small, as they mainly focus on takeouts. You will be bound to find it chock-full with people during its peak hours, which is generally in the evening. You forget all about the interior as you enter and the appetizing aroma captures your senses.
Chicken thigh piece and wing and breast are their specialties. They also serve whole fish. All meats are marinated for about 24 hours, using their secret marinade. The only hint we got about it was that it has all the local spices. So, you can expect some heat with a burst of flavors. It takes about 20 to 25 minutes for the thigh piece to cook in an electric grill. It is worth the wait, as the skin is crispy and cooked to perfection, with a tangy and spicy aroma. The best part is that there is no cutlery available. They want to you to have the best experience; that is eating with your hands. What better way to dig into a big hunk of chicken thigh than with your bare hands!
The thighs are grilled with their skins in order to maximize the crispiness and flavor. The meat is just perfect, flavorsome, juicy, and tender. The exterior taste is well-balanced with just the right amount of salt, chilies, and spices. To add more flavor, it is accompanied by a delicious dipping sauce. It is super spicy and salty, and packs a punch. Use the sauce in small quantities, as it might overpower and increase the saltiness of the chicken.
The breast piece is also grilled to perfection, albeit a little dry, in comparison to the thigh piece. For people who prefer less of bones, this is an ideal choice. Eat it immediately to get the full taste, as breast pieces tend to be drier. Accompanied by the same dipping sauce, it was as scrumptious as the thigh piece.
In all, the chicken was fantastic, and not at all dry. It was what you expect from a perfectly grilled chicken. The price meets both quantity and quality, making it value for money. CHi-CHi Grill is a hidden gem that offers lip-smacking grilled chicken packed with flavors that will leave your hands messy but your stomach full!