First, the location is excellent—on the second floor of Labha Plaza in Kumaripati of Lalitpur, a very popular hub for shoppers. The plaza is next to the lane leading to the busy Honda Servicing Center, and close to the Yamaha showroom. There is underground parking with ample space, besides the free kerb-side parking on the road itself.

This makes The Coffee Coffee a great place for everybody, including families out for an evening of good food and fun, youngsters looking for a place to hang out with friends, couples seeking a private rendezvous, and corporate folks and other professionals for a quick lunch or dinner or a meeting over a cup of freshly brewed coffee in a pleasant and peaceful environment.

The Coffee Coffee’s tagline reads ‘We Serve Food Culture”. Sounds a bit corny at first sight, right? But wait. Listen to what the young managing director, Sundar Prajapati, has to say, “I am really passionate about everything to do with food, and I opened this restaurant for the pleasure of those who understand and relish fine cuisine.” Explaining further, he reveals that he was brought up in a household rich in food culture. “My grandfather used to be the head cook in many feasts and banquets. Guess I picked up the passion from him.” Sundar does sound real when talking about food, his face going all alight with enthusiasm. So, it’s more than just a business for him.

Similarly, The Coffee Coffee is more than just coffee, of course. The restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, although there’s a vast selection of local dishes on the menu, as well. Going by current trends, one can assume them experimenting in fusion cuisine like many others are doing nowadays, but even with all that, one thing you can be sure about—The Coffee Coffee is not going to compromise on anything to do with pizza, its specialty dish.

There is an entire page full of different pizza varieties in their menu. We were offered the Pizza Napolitano, made right before our eyes in the wood-fired oven by Chef Surya Prakash, who has many years of experience, having worked for many years in an Italian restaurant in Thamel. “We want our customers to be involved in the making of the food they eat here,” says Sundar.

We watched the chef roll out a largish circle of specially prepared dough that appeared very soft and pliable, on it he first spread what he called Napolitano sauce (a secret recipe, according to Sundar), and over it, shredded onion. This was followed by thin slices of crisp bacon, circles of green capsicum, rings of tomato, small pieces of chicken and mushroom, and dark green olives. The whole creation was already looking mighty appetizing! Of course, more was to come, for can any pizza be pizza without cheese? Thus, the next item sprinkled generously over everything else was a handful of mozarella and local cow cheese. Now, only the cooking remained to be done, and you don’t have to wait long, either.

Long licks of bright flames of a roaring fire waited eagerly in the oven. Chef Surya scooped up the tantalizing delight in a big wok with long handles and put it into the fire. I think only a few minutes had passed before it was taken out, the crust already crispy brown and the cheese all luscious and melting. Yes, all this is what you get to experience when you order a pizza at The Coffee Coffee; your delicious pizza coming alive (in a way) right in front of your very eyes.

Considering the quickness of the whole process, you can say that pizza is a fast food. And, yes, you can say that pizza as prepared at The Coffee Coffee is one of the best pizzas you’ll have tasted anywhere. And, when it was p[laced on our table with a small flask of olive oil, you could also say with certainty that it is a most filling meal, the slices so large and succulent. So, I say here, go to The Coffee Coffee with your family, friends, or colleagues and share a couple of their delicious pizza varieties between you. I tell you, you’ll find the taste to be so heavenly, all animosities will be forgotten, and only pleasantness will follow.

The taste of The Coffee Coffee’s wood-fired pizza is like that. They soothe the nerves, they provide great comfort, and of course, they make your taste buds very, very happy. Not to forget, they look so creative and colorful and scrumptious, you can’t stop from clicking a few and posting on FB and Instagram. When you are happy you want the whole world to know it, right?

Along with pizza, I had iced latte, which when you put in the syrup, changes color so nicely. I also had another of The Coffee Coffee’s specialties. In fact, you could say that it is a dish that they are almost as proud of as they are of their pizzas, if not more so. Its Chicken Wings Poleko that I am talking about, which by the way, I had seen on a plate, cooking away nicely, inside the wood-fired oven when Chef Surya put in the pizza. It tasted so very tangy, with a lovely balance of flavors, spicy and tongue-tickling. “We practiced perfecting it for a whole month,” says Sundar, “but it was worth it, because it is now our most popular dish. In fact there’s a family that comes in regularly just for our chicken wings poleko!” The secret, as in many such dishes, is in the marinade, and that’s a well-kept secret, no doubt!

The third item on our table were a couple of mini-hamburgers. “It was difficult to find a place that would make the small-sized buns we wanted,” discloses Sundar, adding, “I’m sure you will find it tasty. Even though they are small, we’ve taken great care to have a really scrumptious and substantial filling.” He was right; the small bombs packed a lot of delectable power! Plenty of mayonnaise, too, along with a good amount of meat.

Well, all that’s left to say is that The Coffee Coffee may be just three-months-old, but it sure has a managing director and a chef who are fully into the fascinating world of food culture. And, they are looking forward to making a lot of people happy, especially in this World Cup month, what with live matches on a wide screen TV and hefty discounts on all food and drinks. So, what do you say? Meet you at The Coffee Coffee soon?