Raising the Bar

The recent menu launch at Summit Hotel was an intimate affair, with the seven innovative dishes doing most of the talking.

It is not every day that you meet a chef who boasts outstanding academic credentials. Dr. Sanjay Jamwal has a Master of Science in Dietetics and a Doctorate in Tourism Management, with specialization in cuisine tourism and destination marketing, taking the Jammu region in India as a case study. Currently the EAM of Food and Beverage at Summit Hotel, he is working on new restaurant concepts for the brand, as well as elevating the overall experience of the guests at Summit.

The recent menu launch at Summit Hotel under his expert eye was an intimate affair, with the seven innovative dishes doing most of the talking. At the event, Chef Sanjay briefly introduced the items, laying stress on locally-sourced fresh ingredients. Although the signature dishes had subtle Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Continental, and Indian influences, the outcome was an authentic mélange. “At Summit Hotel, we receive discerning guests who have traveled the world and come to us with the highest of expectations. We pride ourselves on delivering on both taste and health, serving carefully measured portions that are a blend of optimum nutrition and sensory-pleasing flavors,” shared the chef. The Watermelon Sashimi was a perfect example—the smooth texture of the sweet watermelon combining with the salty, cheesy Fetta, alongside the tanginess of the soy. Served on a base of garden-fresh lettuce, the dish was as appetizing as it was refreshing.

The Wrapped Prawn Lollipop was another treat to the senses. Chef Sanjay explained how the chopped prawns are marinated for six hours in salt, black pepper, spring onion, celery, and generous amounts of lemon juice, after which they are breaded in Japanese crumbs and shallow fried, and then served with the house salad. The assorted vegetable platter, crispy tangy fish, hay tamarind potato, flaming chicken wings, and the double-layered minced kebab paid tribute to world famous culinary heritages, and were all palate-pleasers.

According to the chef, any menu change is designed to offer guests a new experience, keeping in mind the traditional offerings. “Hence, there is no sudden diversion from the palate profile, but an interesting mix based on carefully mined information on guest preferences. That is how we keep the spirit of the hotel alive whilst introducing newer flavor profiles and innovations,” he shared. With dreams of working with local Nepali chefs to elevate traditional Nepali cuisine to international standards, Chef Sanjay Jamwal is all set to make a mark in the culinary map of the city.