Tucked cozily between Standard Chartered bank and the Miniso store at New Baneshwor, the Red Diamond restaurant is hard to miss. A four-storied restaurant that also serves as a multi-purpose venue of sorts, it really justifies their tagline, “Much more than just great food”.

Choosing a good eatery at New Baneshwor can be tough, because the place has so many. However, if you’re looking for a wide assortment of flavors and a diverse menu, you’ve got to go to Red Diamond. It’s very easy to find, and they’ve got ample parking space. And, once you walk in, you’ll find all sorts of seating arrangements—from a rooftop hookah lounge to simple dining tables, or private counters—an all-purpose venue. If you get confused about picking a place to sit, it’s not your fault, there’s just so many to choose from.

Once you’re settled, you’ll be greeted with friendly staff with wide smiles. The restaurant’s menu presents you with this large variety of dishes that are also quite affordable. The place specializes in Mexican dishes, mostly, but you can get everything, and I mean that. I’d heard that their Shawarma is really good—and if you’ve seen the first Avengers, Iron Man wants to try it so much even after almost dying, which is why I went there in the first place. I started with Chicken Shawarma with French fries, and the place really does the Arabic dish justice! The presentation is quite appealing, while the taste is simply luscious. The ratio of the chicken and stuffing is perfectly balanced, while the flatbread is soft yet firm at the same time. The rum-cooked chicken comes close to melting in your mouth, even! After sampling it, you can see why Iron Man was obsessed with it.

Second came the Spanish Filled Chicken, which is not on their menu yet, but it is a dish of grilled chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and mushroom, with Spanish mushroom sauce and sauté potatoes on the side. Tempting at first glance, it won’t live up to your expectations, however. The outer grilled chicken is pretty awesome, but the spinach filling can spoil the taste somewhat. The Spanish mushroom sauce is the star of the show, with its balanced tanginess. I wouldn’t mind having the sauce with any other dish, either, it’s just that good! As a whole, the dish is enjoyable, but it’s not something I would go back for. For the dessert, I opted for the Apple Filter, a strange name, but it’s basically doughnuts with apple stuffing inside. You can easily mistake it for some kind of sweet bread; however, it’s much more. It tastes similar to an exquisite apple pie, but you should have it with the strawberry and chocolate sauce to enjoy it to the full extent.

All in all, I’d say I might go back to Red Diamond just for their Shawarma, if nothing else. If you visit Red Diamond, make sure to try it, and do ask for the “specials” on their menu, they can surprise you! Still expanding their diverse menu, they’re trying to present you with more options and every kind of dish there is to try.