Protected within serene forest in Rajnikunj, Gokarna Forest Resort is a refreshing escape from the dust and hassle of Kathmandu. The resort has such a blissful environment. The touch of fresh air was exactly what we needed to get away from the rush of our daily life. I must say, staying at this resort gives luxury, adventure, and a sense of the wilderness.

The resort serves a specialty of multi-cuisine at one of its restaurant outlets, ‘Durbar’, meaning, ‘Palace’. The magnificent environment of Durbar reflects an air of royalty as soon as you enter its splendid premises. Its interior is designed with traditional architecture, from where you can also enjoy the beautiful courtyard view outside. Every day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet are prepared to provide the guests with comfort and a wide range of food options.

The restaurant serves a number of international dishes under the supervision of Head Chef Jibesh Pokharel. He is specialized on modern Nepalese, Chinese, Indian, Western, vegetarian, and healthy foods. His love of culinary art grew from childhood, and he spent a lot of time in his mother's kitchen. After five years of culinary training, he has cooked at some reputed hotels and restaurants in India. Chef Pokharel does not believe in monotony when it comes to food. He keeps the excitement on with versatility and creativity in his menu. Also, traveling to northern and southern parts of India and learning ancient cooking techniques gave him a lot of opportunities to work in some five star deluxe hotels. His eighteen years of culinary endeavor was totally portrayed in the food he presented to us in Durbar.

Beetroot and Pumpkin Salad

Beetroot was placed above a bed of yellowish pumpkin puree. Sundry tomato added more flavor and sweetness to the salad. It was further garnished with olive powder, dry carrot; asparagus, and cheese, which made the dish look very attractive. Beetroot is perfect food for the ones who are looking for a healthy option and weight loss.

Sea Food Chowder

Sea Food Chowder is a juicy seafood stock thickened with Roux and sea foods like kalamari (seaweed), prawn, and fish. The chunky and creamy soup was flavored with tomato and aromatic herb. I was unstoppable when I started to dig into this. Chef Pokharel had made a perfect balance of the flavors.

Poach Egg Ravioli with Saffron Fondue

It's an amazing pasta dish with saffron sauce topping. As I cut it open, I was mesmerized to see egg yolk flow out. The taste was very decent, and the egg yolk gave a creamy texture to the pasta. Asparagus herb was added for the balance of fiber. This dish can also be a healthy option, as it contains two very essential sources of nutrition, protein and fiber.

Bell Pepper stuffed with Cous Cous

This season will not be the same if you add this dish to your food-list to eat this summer. They looked perfect, the bell peppers were scooped with cous cous mixed with aniseed, and baked. You can eat the seeds by dipping a spoon into the bell pepper. Or, you can take a bite of bell pepper along with the seeds, however you prefer.