Brimming with diverse culture from every corner, Patan Durbar Square, for me, has always been a peaceful and fun place for a little escape from the daily routine. So, it was to feel fresh that we walked through the temples and the happy faces at Patan that sunny afternoon. After a while, with voracious appetites, we stopped at the multi-cuisine restaurant Durbar Cafe, located just opposite of Patan Durbar Square Museum.

The setting was a relaxed affair, with an excellent view of the whole city of Patan. The dark tables and furnishings created a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for dining. We were greeted by a friendly staff, who showed us to our table and ran us through the long list of Dubar Cafe’s special menu. From Nepali, Newari, Italian, Indian, and Chinese to Continental dishes, Durbar Cafe has it all. The expansive menu tempts with an impressive variety of hot and cold dishes.

For starters, we went ahead with a platter dish named Durbar Cafe Special Snacks that included KFC-style crispy chicken, golden prawns, chicken sausages, cheese, chicken chilly, and a side salad. Honestly, the portion was huge for a starter, and could easily suffice for a hungry pair. The taste was on point, well-spiced and well-cooked. Not usually a prawn fan, I felt persuaded when I tasted this melt-in-the-mouth dish with its beautifully balanced sweet glaze.

We both went for classic mains, my friend choosing Garlic Salad Chicken, while I went for Crispy Sizzling Momo. When the dishes arrived, I remember thinking we might not be able to finish everything, because of the big portions they came in. The Garlic Chicken Salad comprised of grilled chicken with garlic and vegetable bed, along with side apples, very healthy and fulfilling. And, the Crispy Sizzling Momo was surely a sight to see, those were definitely not your regular momos. They were round, big, crispy, tasty, and decorated with a cabbage-made bowl placed on a sizzling hot plate. It tasted equally as good as it looked. Very generous in size, this is definitely a dish best shared. We were triumphant. We finished our meal with a firm favorite, fruit yoghurt, a refreshing dessert at Durbar Cafe.The service throughout the meal was excellent. The cool vibe of the restaurant, along with a mesmerizing sunset view of Patan Durbar Square, left us feeling relaxed at content.