The streets of Maitighar are known to be some of the busiest in Kathmandu, It was a challenge to find a good eatery here until Thistle Triangle, a Eurasian restaurant, marked its name in the area.


This gorgeous and red thematic restaurant is named after a plant of the daisy family, Thistle, which represents nobility and graciousness. The ‘triangle’ in the ‘Thistle Triangle’ denotes three important factors of the restaurant—food, people, and memories. The restaurant is very spacious and welcoming for friends and family to gather and make memories, while having quality and flavorsome food. Thistle Triangle has a royal grandeur theme featuring great hospitality, ultra chic décor, and plush red sofas that will instantly make you feel comfortable while dining.


The first dish that caught my eye on the menu was Buffalo wings, with its three levels of spices. An interesting thing about this particular dish is that, neither the origin of the name nor the food item itself has to do anything with an actual buffalo. The menu of the Thistle Triangle’s menu is influenced from the flavors of both Asian and European continents, says the managing director, Ramesh Basnet. “We wanted to bring the taste of international cuisines to the city for our food savvy customers residing in Nepal.” The Buffalo wings with BBQ sauce arrived at our table with an appetizing look. The four scrumptious chicken wings fried and tossed with a sauce made of melted butter, hot sauce, and pepper.

It was indeed a fulfilling meal, and one that I would love to order again and again. Thistle Triangle serves the Buffalo wings in hot, medium, or mild level of spiciness to suit everyone’s taste buds, and is planning to organize events in the near future for the people who would venture to take up the Chef’s Challenge—Buffalo wings with the hottest spicy level. The meal continued with the Mocha Aloo, which I thought was basically fried potatoes with sauce. But, I was wrong. Mocha Aloo is a special dish that Thistle Triangle brought to their menu, especially for the vegetarians. The potatoes literally melted in my mouth, and the sauce actually tasted similar to that of the Buffalo wings, which was sheer delight. The restaurant has an in-house bar and serves various beverages and alcoholic drinks, and also, organizes live music performances every weekend.