Where the Four Elements Meet

Located in Ekantakuna, Utopia sits a little hidden on the main street, with high white walls and a small double gate always open. You enter a quaint little garden area with mixed matched tables paired with wooden and iron chairs and others with low arm chairs and funky little salty and sweet quote cushions. Luscious greens hang off the metal frame, and a small well-kept garden sits on one corner with a bar on its opposite end.

Their indoor setting on the ground floor comes with a coffee bar on one side and a few tables nestled together. Walking up to their first floor with similar setting, there’s a lounge-seating attached to a corner. One thing that stands out as you walk up the stairs is the art on the wall. Straw art emblem of the Marvel super heroes! As a Marvel fan, it definitely gets noticed and appreciated. You are able to see the work put into such fine details. Walking back into the garden space, you notice more of the Marvel art work behind the bar. A choice of being able to sit in an open clean space in Kathmandu is a privilege, and always opting for one is smart.

Greeted by Chhedup, the managing director of Utopia, a young entrepreneur and an absolute gentleman, his passion and vision for Utopia was infused with wisdom and a subtle hint of charm. He speaks of combining the four elements—Earth, air, fire, and water—in his visualization of Utopia. Utopia, the name itself tells you of the space you are entering and will be enjoying with the balance of the four elements. As they continue to change and renovate the space for a better experience for all their regular and new customers, the venue seems to get better.

Planning on expanding to the second floor of the house it is located in, Chhedup speaks of intensifying the fire element in the venue. Having opened the space almost two years ago, Utopia has gained its reputation for being the perfect place for meetings and gatherings for friends and families. Also, not promoting itself as the usual event-hosting space, Utopia already has an established customer base of both groups and individuals. It is a space created by Chhedup and his partners in a friend’s property, keeping their entrepreneurial skills not only for themselves, but also sharing it with young people.

Chhedup understands the struggles of young people who are just finishing their SEE (previously SLC) exams, with no experience, and looking for jobs to keep themselves busy during the result-waiting period. Utopia has created their own program to teach these young people skills of working in a restaurant. From training baristas to servers and bartenders, these young people are taught in Utopia’s classroom and start their work in it for the experience. A fantastic initiative for an industry with a huge turnover in Nepal and across the globe.

The menu has an excellent and mindful selection of items. From Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad to Utopia Chicken Florentine, Steak Sandwich, and Risottos, the menu favors all taste-buds and budgets.