September 08, Moksh, Jhamsikhel

This event was organized by Platinum Fitness Club Nepal at Moksh. Celebrities like Suraj Singh Thakuri and Maheshwor Maharjan attended the event. There were lots of other well-known faces, too. This event was mainly focused on the members of the club to ensure that they get together and have some extra fun. There was live DJ music which was the major highlight of the event. Everyone were grooving to the beat and enjoying the melody.


Anjali Gahatraj,Algina Shrestha & Sachin Pradhan


Mahesh Maharjan


Seema Shrestha


Matt E Dawash &Parralita RL Malla


Pramila Bishunke, Suraj Singh Thakuri & Anu Dangol


Sanjay Maharjan & Kailash Shrestha


Sachit Pradhan