The Smarter Entertainment Weekly

Exhibition of Paintings and Mixed Media Works

Asha Dongol and Erina Tamrakar wowed everyone with their art works. While Asha Dongol concentrated on animal avatars, Erina Tamrakar concentrated on the beauty and vulnerability of Nepali women.

'Rai is King' Album Launh by Rajesh Payal Rai

Rajesh Payal Rai was certainly a king at this event, where big names from the music and entertainment industry such as Rajesh Hamal, came to inaugurate the launch of his album ' Rai is King'.

Opening of the Surshala Music Academy

With the opening of the Surshala Music Academy, now anyone will be able to learn and play music. From Nhyoo Bajracharya to Nalina Chitrakar, many people from the music industry came to grace this even...


Jindabaad! rocked out again at the House of Music, and everyone else rocked to Jindabaad's newest tunes from their newest album 'EP Plastic heart'.

Exhibition of Rare Photos

Along with the launch of "Royal Nepal 1930: Through the lens of Richard Gordan Matzene", a book published by Serindia Publications Inc. and Oklahoma Humanities Council and Ponca City Library, people...

Regional Indian Film Workshop

Attendees came out of this workshop, organized by the Indian Cultural Centre, and hosted by Goutam Ghose, with a different view on cinema and cinematography.

Swor- A Melody of Dreams

The premier show of Swor - A Melody of Dreams saw many celebrities wanting to watch this newly released movie. Check out this movie playing at all movie theaters near you.

Australian Roadshow

The Australian Embassy inaugurated the Australian Roadshow event, a screening of 6 movies that is set to take place till 31 january.

The Pirate Party

The launch party of OMG Theme Events and Fashion Kraft's High Fashion Calendar left everyone saying 'Oh, my God!'. With the theme of 'pirates' this party was a huge hit.

Ace Expressions

Organized by the Ace Institute of Management, this was a fun affair that included games, live musical performances, fashion shows and even dances. There were loads of prizes to be won too!

Kristina Allen's Album Launch

Kristina Allen, a young girl with big dream, launched her very first album 'Na Bandhana (don't tie me Up)' with much celebration.