The Smarter Entertainment Weekly

Coblenzer Corporate Night

The party organized by Dreamy Eyes Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, saw a number of corporate men - some suited, some in casuals, enjoying the beginning of a weekend.

'Dance With Me' Album Launch

Indira Joshi, an eminent face in the Nepali music industry launched her album "Dance With Me". Here are pictures of all those who celebrated her success alongside her at the event.

Artist in the City

Artists from all over the city gathered together to showcase pieces they had made regarding the subject of urbanization. Here are pics of all those who attended the event.

Sufi Night

Hemant Rana serenaded the crowd with his Sufi songs at this event organized by Wiz International. The funds raised by this event was used to support underprivileged children.

Art Of Friendship

The 155th birth anniversary of russian artist Mikhail A. Vruvel was celebrated by organizing an exhibition where 30 art works of eminent artists were showcased.

Pre-Album Launch of RockSitar

RockSitar rocked everyone out with the tunes that they played. So much so, that Shyam Nepali couldn't resist joining the band on stage. Here are pics of all those who were there.


Buddhana was a night where different artists came together to express the voices of those imprisoned and marginalized.

Eco Festival

After months of preparing to make The British School an environmentally-friendly place, they have finally succeeded. The Eco Festival organized their, was to celebrate the very same reason, as well as...

Lives and Faces

Mustafa Quirashi, captured in his lenses the Indian Maoist insurgency. At the opening of this exhibition, many people came to see the wondrous and gripping photographs.

Mithila Cosmos

An art exhibition of mithila art combined with modernity, by S.C. Suman, drew in a lot of people to the event.

The Colors of Holi

Wonder what celebrities did on the day of of colors and happiness? Well, here's a sneak peek of where they all were. Some went to the Holi fest organized by Kantipur FM while others ended up at Karish...

Uglyz Band- In Transit

The Uglyz Band is in transit. Their new line-up and new songs were showcased to the public at a very grand musical event. Here are pics of some of the faces present at the event.

Premier Show of BATCH NO. 16

Here are some glimpses of the star-studded premiere show of Batch No. 16-- the action/thriller which is set out to be a revolution in Nepali film industry because of its cinematography.