Cocktails have always been a popular drink among youngsters to get boozed up for a night, and unlike a single alcohol-containing peg, cocktails are rich in flavors. For the taste of diverse elements and the sudden trigger to the head, it is loved mostly by the younger folks. And, also due to the fancy look and glass decoration, it is indeed appreciable.

As per the modern practice, any drink with a mixture of two or more alcohols is referred to as a cocktail. But, according to the first published definition of cocktail that appeared in an editorial response in The Balance and Colombian Repository of 1806: ‘Cocktail is a stimulating beverage that composes a spirit of any type, sugar, water and bitters.’

Cocktails were originally just one category of drink among many, such as punches, sours, slings, cobblers, juleps, shrubs, toddies, and flips. As it was said that they were something that was drunk to recover from the previous night’s over consumption, they also gained a reputation as a drink that decent people avoided. Regardless of this recognition, cocktails got more and more popular.

They are mixed with various ingredients, among which some are very special, and others are just ordinary liquids, such as water. Since every ingredient is a unique essence, bringing them together to produce a tasty potion is not an easy job. Mixing them together needs proper knowledge of each flavor. Bartenders present themselves in a neat and professional manner, being polite to customers. Some of them also experiment with their creativity, making it look more attractive and artistic.

Basically, the word cocktail came into trend in around 1990, when people defined mixed drinks as cocktails in America. But, today's definition of cocktail has more meaning: “A cocktail is not just multiple alcoholic beverages mixed together, but it is a drink made by mixing more than one spirits, fruit juices, syrups, etc." It is made to complement every weather, occasion, and place. As of today, there is also growing fashion of decorating cocktail glasses thematically.

The actual history of the cocktail started in the U.S. around 1800. That was the time when cocktails rarely consisted of pure spirits. With a motto of "Quantity instead of quality", people in America drank four times the amount of distilled alcohol that is drunk today. But, eventually, in the second half of the 19th century, quality started to get better, although not all bars in America made their drinks as fine as today. Instead, they were prepared simply by pouring spirits together that hardly complemented each other's flavor.

There have been stories told about where, how, and who created them. And, as said by the first published reference in the Farmer's Cabinet, a lounger with an 11 a.m. hangover drank a glass of cocktail to cure his malady. Moreover, there was also an interesting story published in the British publication, Bartender,in 1936 about English sailors of decades ago being served mixed drinks in Mexico. The drinks were stirred with a Cola de Gallo (cock's tail), a long root of similar shape to the bird's tail. Despite the many stories told and journals published about them, the origin of cocktails is still a mystery.