Friday went off to see what's behind the bar of LiquorIce, Kupondole

Summer calls for drinks, and what else can be more classy and refreshing for summer than cocktails? If you are up for a twist of lemon or hard rum punch or some fine cocktails, gather up at LiquorIce, located at Kupondole Height. Entering the place on a sunny day was a soothing experience, as the ambience is peaceful, with greenery around the restaurant. The well-furnished environment made me feel at home. At the end of the restaurant, they have a private space for you and your folks to hang out for a drink or two. I saw people playing cards and laughing aloud, with cocktails on their table, and I was eager to try some of their best drinks, and a moment later, I was served with three of their special cocktails.

At first, we were served Sex On the Beach, a refreshing cocktail with vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry, and orange juice shaken and strained into a highball glass filled with ice. It’s a perfect drink for the summer and for cocktail parties. A harmless fruity cocktail served over ice in a highball glass and garnished with a slice of orange is one nice drink to fight the heat.

I was quite plastered already after trying this delicious cocktail, but being sober in a heavenly bar is never in the list of liquor lovers, is it? So, we asked the bartender to serve another glass of heavenly nectar, and there was Margarita. Oh, what a fresh drink it was! Served after running a lime wedge around the outside of the rim and some salt rolled above the lime, margarita is made by mixing triple sec, tequila, and a twist of lime or lemon juice, with plenty of ice. It was a satisfying cocktail, and the twist of lime and lemon juice made it all the more refreshing.

Two glasses of cocktails got me a little bit tipsy, yet I was up for another nice one, Mojito. Served in a traditional Cuban highball glass, Mojito is a cocktail with a fine balance of white rum, sugar, lime juice, and soda water, garnished with a sprig of mint leaves, and served with a straw. It gives a strong taste of rum, but the mix of sugar and lime juice makes it smooth and easygoing, and the addition of soda water and mint served over the ice cubes is very soothing for summer.

Rejuvenated, we said goodbye to the bartenders and owners of LiquorIce, thanking them for their warm hospitality and delicious drinks, promising to come back to try more from their bar.