Jhamsikhel, or call it Jhamel, is in the radar of many Nepali youngsters and foreigners. Well, I call it an area with the best restaurants and bars in town, among which, one named Sports Hive is a must-go-to-place in my opinion. If you wonder why, I would say the drinks, the food, and the staff, which will just drag you back to the place again and again.

Sports Hive is one awesome place to be in; currently, it’s offering live match projections and serving some fascinating cocktails. So, to try some of these enticing spirits, team Fr!day visited Sports Hive on a damp afternoon. The place is perfect to go for your game nights during this World Cup, and to give more definition to the craze of this season through drinks, senior bartender of Sports Hive, freelance bartender, and bartending instructor of Illusion Academy of Bartending, Bikky Maharjan, made some artistic cocktails with respect to the theme of some countries participating in the World Cup. Maharjan is very creative and precise when it comes to designing a cocktail, never compromising on taste. He gives courtesy to his personal trainer, Santosh Pradhan, for his skills. Six years of experience creating drinks was totally reflected in the drinks he served us during our visit.

The first one that he brought to our table was Orange Old Fashioned, representing America, which was presented in a way that pleased my eyes before I could get a sip to tinkle my tongue with this classy spirit. This cocktail is a twist of aromatic bitter angostura, sugar syrup, and crushed ice, and garnished with orange peels. Due to its bitter and sweet aroma, this drink is more popular with older folks, a reason why it's named, Orange Old Fashioned.

Cheer for England with Illusion Gin Fizz prepared with gin as one of the ingredients of this delicious cocktail. Gin is very popular in England, as it provides an alternative to French brandy. So, to give an English touch, Illusion Gin Fizz was made with a blend of gin, egg white, and sugar syrup, and garnished with orange peels. Egg white is used to give this cocktail a fizzy texture and salty aroma.

The third drink we were served was Tikki Love, made with white rum, pineapple juice, and coconut syrup, and garnished with mint leaves and flamed cinnamon. This drink was Brazil-themed, as most of the white rums are said to come from Brazil. The taste was a little bitter, and I also found some peaty-ness in this cocktail.

Last, but not the list, there was a Russia-themed cocktail named Horror Family. It's a mixture of vodka, crushed ice, sugar syrup, and lemon juice, topped up by Red Bull. Garnished with fresh strawberries, this cocktail was not just amazingly delicious, but also eye appealing. Just a balanced glass of cocktail that is bitter and sweet yet very mild.

So, we were served all these delicious concoctions, and I would say never have I ever tasted such amazing cocktails. Thankful to the bartender, we left Sports Hive promising to come back for a live match show and try more of their drinks. I bet any cocktail lover will be fascinated by the cocktails served in Sports Hive.