Thank you Kingfisher! A few glasses of your Premium brand, and I was feeling all nostalgic and mellow. So much so, that I immediately dialed up two of my closest friends, whom I had not been in touch with for ages, trudging along as we were on vastly different paths of life and entangled in its never ending complexities. But, a couple of chilled glasses of Kingfisher Premium brought back fond memories of the good old days when we had sworn undying oaths of brotherhood, and particularly in this world of junk fast food and junk Facebook friends, the memories brought about an enlightenment such as must have been experienced by the Buddha himself!

Yes, there are precious few relationships that last through the long journey of life, and in the confusion-filled storehouse that we called the mind, it is very easy to disregard true relationships for those born out of selfishness and current needs. So, I am really and truly happy for a bit of nirvana to Kingfisher. I am henceforth determined to sustain such precious relationships.

The next evening, I had another occasion to thank Kingfisher, this time, its Strong brand. Just one glass down the gullet, and I was all up for confessing long-forgotten shortcomings to my near and dear ones. So, this time, it was all about Viber-ing my relatives, near and far, to say my sorry’s (when called for), listen to their well-deserved admonitions, and promising to make up for everything gone wrong in the past.

This brings up a thought to my ever-querulous mind—why did the Americans have to put up with all that bull…. about it acting out of line when conducting water boarding and other enhanced information gathering methods (a.k.a. torture) on terrorists in Guantanamo Bay? All they had to do was offer their bearded prisoners a couple of tall glasses of chilled Kingfisher Strong, and I tell you, they would have poured their hearts out! They still can, since the infamous prison enjoys full occupancy even today. And, if they are wise enough, they would do well to follow up with a bottle of Kingfisher Premium, which is guaranteed to make even the fiercest and most indoctrinated prisoner mellow and nostalgic, thus making them all the more pliable and forthcoming.

Well, Kingfisher, welcome to Nepal! My initial association with you, especially, has been a most gratifying one, and I’m sure it will continue to be so for quite some time, as assured by your welcome presence on two shelves of my freezer. These warm summer evenings are perfectly suited for you and me coming together in blissful harmony, and I cannot imagine a better way to pass the sultry evenings than with you. Not only do you impart a warm sense of compassionate thoughtfulness, bringing succor to my jaded soul, but you also bestow me with inspiration to strive for more.

Therefore, thank you once again, Kingfisher, not only for giving me such a rewarding time, reviving long lost memories and providing much needed courage, but also for your smoothness caressing my palate in such a way as to be a luxury, and your pleasant taste such as to give new life to my quite cynical jaded taste buds.