This year, celebrate Halloween at The Old House on Durbar Marg by ordering these spooky drinks created by head bartender Amulya Rana to get you in the festive spirit.

The Night Witch

Price- Rs.435


  1. Cranberry juice 95 ml
  2. Black vodka 95 ml (add black food coloring to the vodka)
  3. Red sugar
  4. Ice  cubes

The Night Witch, as its name suggests, is a dark take on your regular martini. This drink is the right mix of vodka and cranberry juice. All the sourness is combated by the sweetness of the red sugar.

Vampire’s Kiss

Price- Rs.500


  1. Midori 37.5 ml
  2. Vodka 25 ml
  3. Pineapple juice 75 ml
  4. Whipped cream 37.5 ml

Vampire’s Kiss is an intriguing name for a drink. The green color laced with red droplets gives it a spooky appearance. It has just the right amount of sweetness due to the combination of pineapple juice and whipped cream. The Midori lends it the fantastic color that makes it all the more exciting to drink. 

The Bar Bar Black Sip is a newly-opened bar, with their specialty being cocktails. They have nailed the steam punk décor, which is perfectly in sync with Halloween. Their mixologist, Krishna Dulal, who has been bartending for the past ten years at Jazz Upstairs in Lazimpat, is now ready for a new start. He has absolutely perfected his craft, especially when it comes to these drinks.

Mummy-rita (Cornonarita)

Price- Rs.1099


1. Cornonarita holder

2. Tequila 45 ml

3. Orange liquor 30 ml

4. Sour mix 30 ml

5. Sugar syrup 25 ml

6. Corona beer 1

The Mummy-rita is an eerie take on their special drink, the Cornonarita. This drink packs a punch, and the tequila and Corona taste amazing together. It is a perfect way to start your Halloween evening.

Corona Jack-o-lantern (for group of 3-5)

Price- Rs.500


  1. Tequila 100 ml
  2. Orange liquor 75 ml
  3. Sour mix 75 ml
  4. Sugar syrup 60 ml
  5. Corona beer 2

This drink is the perfect reincarnation of a boozy Jack-o-Lantern. Served in a fishbowl embodied in an actual Jack-o-Lantern, this drink is perfect to share with a group of friends. It is the same Cornonarita, but it doubles in size and fun!

Scarry Moscow Mule

Price- Rs.900


  1. 5-7 mint leaves
  2. Lime juice ½ oz
  3. Vodka 2 oz
  4. Ginger beer 6 oz

Scarry Moscow Mule embodies its name because of its garnish; the eyes! Only available at this bar, this drink is perfect for any occasion. It is refreshing, with a zesty flavor that will leave you wanting more!