Game of mix

‘Game of mix’ is always a dangerous one to play. Mixing drinks often cause people to get more intoxicated, and also may cause you to throw up whatever you have taken. Not all have a stomach for the game of mix, if you are not ready, don't go for it. You can obviously add some water to dilute your drink and stay on the safer side. This is one mix that wouldn't land you in trouble.

A crunch of snack

Anything too greasy should be shunned while you're drinking. But, who can resist snacks when at a party? So, just take a crunch of your greasy yet godly delicacies, and it can work in your favor. Greasy food absorbs alcohol very well, and having some of it might just give you the push you need for a long night. But don't overdo. If you're served a snack of salad or fruit skewers, unless you hate it, just dive in.


The grumbling tummy

The grumbling tummy is one big party pooper. Without any food in your tummy to absorb the alcohol you've been taking, you sure will be a party hazard. Most people pass out, some puke it out, and in worst case scenario, puke after passing out and land up in the hospital. But, at the same time, don't overeat; lots of food added with lots of booze will surely give you a puking marathon.

Your sweet tooth is of no good

If you have a sweet tooth, you better keep your hands-off cakes and candies. Sugar along with alcohol will only drain you, make you crave for more, and in the end, give you a disastrous party. So, stay as far from sweet food as possible. You can dive into them after you sober down.