We all love a fancy drink at a fancy bar, but how about fancy bar accessories? Here are some bare accessories to turn a bar into a carnival.

Wine decanter

All oenophiles should know that you always need to aerate your wine before drinking.  With this in mind, we found the Viski Raye angled lead-free crystal decanter that lets you aerate your wine with the help of its volumetric flask shape, and also helps conduct wine tastings right at the bar.


As you can tell from the name, a chambong is a bar accessory that serves champagne in a bong-style, allowing the drinker to chug and repeat instead of taking little sips. It's no less than magical device made of high quality glass that will make you enjoy champagne a little bit more.

Fruit keg tapping kit

The fruit keg tapping kit is no less than a feat of engineering. In retrospect, it is simply a keg. The twist is, it can be wedged into any of your favorite fruits and tap fruit flavored alcohol! Just pour some vodka into a hollow melon and start tapping. One watermelon flavored vodka coming right up!

The Ice Ball mold

The Ice Ball lets you enjoy your favorite drink without diluting the flavor. Simply fill the mold, let it freeze, and then easily open it to remove the ice sphere—no rinsing required. It’s simple to remove, and melts at a slow, even rate in your glass. Enjoy it in any drink, at any rate!

Guzzle buddy

For those of you who love some heavy drinking on a Friday night, the guzzle buddy is a friend at the bar. With a “plug it and chug it” concept, the guzzle buddy is a bar equipment that lets you insert a wine glass right into a wine bottle and drink up. Because, pouring is boring!

Himalayan salt tequila glasses

Carved from naturally beautiful Himalayan pink crystal salt, the striated pattern of the glass perfectly complements any bar décor. The salt tequila glasses naturally salt your drink and put a zing in it effortlessly. You'll be amazed how the rich taste of Himalayan crystal salt enhances the flavor of your favorite tequila, like table salt never did. As they say, why put salt in your tequila when you can put tequila in your salt!

Bike chain bottle opener

The bike chain bottle opener is a sprocket shaped bottle opener that has a bike chain wrapped around it. The bottle opener is made from an actual sprocket and bike chain and measures 5 inches long x 2.25 inches wide. This cool accessory not only spices up your serving, it also gives the bar a rugged and laid-back look.