I think all the ladies who frequent bars to loosen up from the oh so stressful daily life are familiar with cocktails or mocktails. Nothing gets us to de-stress like a shot of Bloody Mary or some good Blueberry Martini. But, these drinks contain alcohol, and let’s be honest, they might be good stress relievers but are unhealthy to boot. Not only do cocktails contain alcohol, but they are full of those sugar-laden calories, so they may taste like heaven, but it will not look kindly upon your waistline, especially if you’re a career-oriented woman who is always booked and busy with no time to exercise.

Plus, cocktails come with the package of worst hangovers the next morning, with pressure on the liver, and they also impact blood sugar. If you are a person who cares about what you put inside your body, then it is time to swerve from the lane of late night cocktails. There is a substitute to these sweet alcoholic drinks. Say goodbye to those sugar-laden, sugary, calorie-heavy cocktails. It is the age of mocktails. Due to the rapid increase of those who watch what they eat, the demand of various crafty and healthy mocktails in restaurants and bars is high. Simply put, mocktail is a cocktail that contains no alcoholic ingredients.

Mocktails are underrated in Nepal, but they are slowly gaining fame due to the rise of healthy eaters. Not only do these amazing drinks have nutritional benefits, they also offer medicinal benefits. It’s a win for you and your body. Mocktails are easy to make in your home, and could also be a substitute for booze during holidays. These mocktails contain whole ingredients like fruits, natural sweeteners, herbs, bitters, or fermented foods; you can blend or infuse a healthy mocktail that is an explosion of flavors, so that no one will miss the booze during holidays or at a regular get-together. Here are some healthy mocktails that you will enjoy:

Mojito Blossom

A tropical vacation in a glass, Mojito Blossom is crisp and refreshing. The ingredients are refreshing and simple: mint leaves, lemon wedges, and cranberry juice, topped with soda. You can enjoy this with your girlfriends while sharing the oh so important gossips that we all love!

Pomegranate Sparklers

This mocktail only has three ingredients: pomegranate, lemon, and soda. Pomegranate is very rich in iron and we all know lemon’s adequacy in vitamin C. This drink is kid-friendly, so if you are out with kids, this drink can be ordered to quench their thirst.

Cucumber Mint Fruit Cooler

This wonderful combination of crisp fruits like cucumber, green grapes, lime, mint, and kimi is very healthy, as it does not require any added sugar because of the sweetness provided by the fruits. If you’re on one of those strict, strenuous diets, then this drink can act as an appetite quencher.

Blue Shoe

A mixture of blue fruit punch and cranberry juice, this drink tastes like a mixture of sweet and tart fruit with a citrusy flavor. This mocktail actually resembles the famous cocktail Sex in The Driveway and tastes like chilled Hawaii in a martini glass.

I hope you all enjoy these amazingly healthy mocktails that won’t make you miss the booze at home or out by yourself or with your friends and family.