The Factory

 Ai-la Rose

- Ai-la 45 ml
- Lemon juice 20 ml
- Sugar syrup 20 ml
- Orange juice 20 ml
- Egg white (1 egg)
- Touch-up Grenadine
- Garnishing with lemon

Price: Rs.650 including all taxes.

Bartender: Sudip Shrestha has been in this bartending line for two-and-a-half years. He used to work in Le Trio as a restaurant manager, then he opened his own business but it didn’t work out. After that, he joined The Factory as a bartender. He didn’t have any formal training; he trained himself by watching and learning. He specializes in both Flaring and serving drinks.
My signature drink: Refreshing Snow

Octave Kathmandu

Octave Special Cocktail
- Ai-la 45 ml
- Peach snap 15 ml
- Cranberry juice 30 ml
- Orange juice 30 ml
- Cocoa syrup 15 ml
- Grenadine flavor 15 ml

Price: Rs.745 including all taxes.

Bartender: Amir Rai has been in the bartending line for one-and-a-half years. He took his training from FBI Flair Bartending Institute at Kumaripati. He has worked in Woodland and Wicked Spoon, and is now working at Octave. It’s been six months since he started his work in Octave. He is specialized in Flaring.
My signature drink: Sweet Dream

Titos Pub

Nhyabu Ai-la
- Ai-la 60 ml
- Triple shake 15 ml
- Pineapple juice 60 ml
- Orange juice 60 ml
- Lemon juice 5 ml
- Blue Curacao 5 ml (shaken and strained)
- Touch-up Grenadine flavor 5 ml

Price: Rs.385 including all taxes.

Bartender: Bijay Kumar Maharjan has been in the hospitality industry for around four-and-a-half years. He got his training from FBI Flair Bartending Institute. He has been bartending for around three years. He had worked in Wicked Spoon and Star Café, and is now working at Titos since the last two months. He is specialized in Mixology.
My signature drink: Summer Star