The night has fallen, and the lights are on. The DJs are ready, and the party animals are on the way. With the music popping up in the street, girls are swinging with their friends in the club, enjoying a cup of gifted drink. It is Wednesday night, a special night for ladies with regard to nightlife. After working from tiring Monday to exhausting Tuesday, it is time to get some blessed relief. Honestly, as a foreign tourist who has just been in Nepal for a few weeks, Kathmandu’s nightlife surprised me. Clubs, bars, pubs, and lounges give the warmest welcome to ladies in their own different ways.

On Lady’s Night, ladies are usually free from having to pay the entrance fee. After the entrance, there is a glass of free alcohol waiting for them as a greeting gift, and it is usually a cocktail, mocktail, vodka, and so on. The first lounge I visited was Ozzie Lounge in Thamel Street. I tried their special cocktail, which was good, but not so intense. People arrived gradually, greeting each other, while the bartenders were busy with their work, and waiters were welcoming customers actively.

I have to say that the cocktail was really good, but obviously, only one glass of cocktail is not enough to get high, though that is a good reason to experience another pubs. However, some pubs even provide unlimited cocktail on Lady’s Night. Take Level 3 in Labim Mall as an example. They provide free unlimited cocktail based on vodka from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Lady’s Night! That is such an incredible idea that ladies are willing to chill in the pub for the whole night.

Music lovers might care about the music style very much to enjoy the nightlife. If you are a fan of Irish music, Everest Irish Pub in Thamel Street is a good choice. In most places, at early night, like from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., bands provide live music performances, including covers from Billboard, their original songs. After that, DJs pop up, which means the real night begins. The music style consists of the most popular songs around the world with perfect remixing. Therefore, for foreign tourists, there is nothing to worry about.

Dancing is a must-do in clubs! Everyone gets drunk and starts to swing on the dancing floor. You do not need to feel nervous that you are not a good dancer, because the dancing floor is not the stage for formal performances. Instead, it is somewhere to release your free spirit from the tons of pressure of daily life. I stood at the bar counter to watch people dancing in the Ibyza Lounge & Bar, which is one of the best clubs located in Thamel. I just saw how happily people were enjoying the moment, and I wanted to be one of them. If you are willing to be completely crazy, I suggest going to the club after 11 p.m. That is the time when the dancing floor has the most fantastic atmosphere! So, ladies, get drunk, and be wild!

Photographers are always ready to catch the most fantastic shot from this beautiful night. Therefore, ladies can enjoy the night and leave some memories with their friends at the same time. Besides, compared with other weekdays, on Lady’s Night, there are more photographers. Plus, it seems like they prefer taking photos more of the ladies than the gentlemen. People can find their photos on the Facebook page of the club afterward. By the way, for some clubs, like Club Déjà Vu, ladies are suggested to be well-dressed, though casual dress also works. Get ready, smile!

How about the situation of security on Lady’s Night? Obviously, it is significant to create a safe environment for ladies to enjoy the nightlife. Otherwise, there is no point in hanging out at the risk of safety, especially for ladies who are alone. Well, I visited several pubs and clubs, and found that the security teams are reliable. They stand around to observe the whole place in case of any trouble. Once, a man near me tried to smoke on the dancing floor and clicked his lighter on, immediately a guard was behind him, asking him to leave the floor. In Club Déjà Vu, they even hire army personnel to ensure security, and there are 15-16 guards on Lady’s Night. I was told that the number of the guard team was higher than other weekdays. What is more, the staff also provides services of calling the taxi and booking the hotel nearby, so that ladies can enjoy the whole night without too much concern. With these considerate services, ladies can enjoy this special night wholeheartedly.

All in all, this is such an excellent night for ladies, but it would be more perfect if Lady’s Night can be enriched with more and different activities to attract more ladies to hang out with their friends, such as more lady bartenders, some special performances for ladies, and so on. Also, hope more ladies can feel free to enjoy this beautiful night actively with their friends. Without the nightlife, life is not complete!