There’s a new sparkling wine in town, and tonight I sat down with a friend to give it a try; the award-winning Hoya de Cadenas: Cava Brut Nature.
On opening the bottle and pouring ourselves a glass each, the first sip got us off to a good start. It’s a nice pale color, with a delicate aroma. If you’re a regular drinker of sparkling wine, you’ll notice a difference in the bubbles—there seem to be more of them, and they’re finer. More fizz, but more delicate, it was really delightful.
Uncompromising hit, nice aftertaste, it’s fresh and well balanced, a real pleasure to drink. As my friend, who has experience with a variety of European wines, said, “Its closer to a Cremant than a Champagne.” She began to reminisce about the Cava bars she’d been to in Barcelona, Valencia, and other places in that area of Spain, drinking holes dedicated to specifically enjoying this kind of wine, usually with tapas. The colder it got, the better it was, and even though we drank at a leisurely pace, the bubbles held till the end of the bottle. It was the perfect thing with which to end a hot summer evening.
Nearly all Cava comes from the Catalonian region of Spain, and Cava is the Catalan word for cave—because years ago it used to be aged in caves. And, as my friend said, there’s a whole culture in that area associated with its drinking. Now it’s spreading around the world, with Cava, Champagne, and Prosecco now considered the most popular sparkling wines in the world (that are drunk outside their countries of origin).
Hoya de Cadenas: Cava Brut Nature is a great choice when you’re looking to celebrate that special occasion, be it a night out or just, as in our case, some quiet drinking among friends. The quality is outstanding, and it’s a welcome addition to Kathmandu’s sparkling wine choices.
You can find it at Greenlines, where our bottle came from, and anywhere good wines are sold. I highly recommend it; the taste is still lingering in my mind, reminding me of those Cava bars in Barcelona that I’ve never been to: a delicious tradition that I got a little closer to as evening fell on a very hot day in Kathmandu.