If you want to make it fancy, gold coat it! That is exactly what Ruslan did with its ‘Ruslan Gold Reserve Vodka.’ A one-of-a-kind vodka introduced in the Nepali market for the first time, Ruslan has set the standard for future drinks. Before we talk about the taste itself, the presentation of the actual bottle is really something impressive; sleek and tall with a goodness filled inside. The special feature of this vodka is the hundreds of 23 carat gold flakes that float inside the bottle. These edible gold flakes are internationally tested and approved, not to mention they look pretty spectacular!
The taste and the texture is what we expect from Ruslan, smooth and soft. It does have a strong after-taste but that is expected because its vodka! The glittery flakes just add to the overall aesthetic of the drink, and it sure does feel fancy that you are consuming gold—not to mention gives you bragging rights. We recommend drinking it on the rocks without any mixers. Safe drinking!