J89, the single malt whiskey, was something I had been eyeing for quite a while now. With the unique and mysterious look it gave off, J89 intrigued me. The ‘J’ in J89 refers to the batch of Irish oak casks that was handcrafted in 1989, hence the ‘89.’
The particular whiskey was highly recommended by a very close friend of mine, so I decided to give it a try on a relaxing weekend. I invited the same friend over, opened up the J89 bottle, and set about relaxing our senses on a good evening, with some jazz and the sound of pouring rain. Cheers…here we go!

The Body
The whiskey has a fine look, with a royal vibe to it. Coated with black matte finished material, the glass bottle has a good grip on it and the size just fit into one’s hand making the pouring process much easier and firmer.

The Color
Pouring the whiskey into a clear glass, I could see the warm, light of the topaz mingle
with the flavorful toffee tint, giving it a bright appearance.

The Smell
A bit of smokiness, followed by the unmistakable aroma of peat and the woodiness of the Irish oak cask, the whiskey has a sharp accent of malty aromas. Intriguing.

The Taste
Robust and youthful, the first sip of J89 gave a hit of spiciness and cloves which reveals the whiskey's core character. Without a word, our eyes met with raised eyebrows which meant that we both were thinking the same thing: that we were impressed with the taste.

The Finish
The J89 whiskey tasting was a powerful experience. Lively, and balanced, it was a delight to drink. What’s more remarkable is the consistency of the whiskey; I could feel why this is a sought after drink by most of my friends. It’s one of the smoothest Nepali whiskeys I have tasted to date; I was quite impressed with the taste that J89 has come up with. With interesting flavors in the mix, the rich taste, and the smokiness, J89 is indeed a must-try drink especially if you are a fan of whiskey. But, even if you aren’t, I think this may well convert you.