Canvas Wine is a product of Sankata Wine and Beverage Pvt. Limited (SWB), Kavre, whichhas one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in the country that is completely automated. It sources the highest quality grapes from Nasik in India.

Canvas Red Wine



Made from dark-colored handpicked grapes, the company’s expert vintners extract the authentic red color of the wine from the grape skin. Due to the high quality of the grapes, the company does not add preservatives like sulfur dioxide, which is popular in most wineries of Nepal.

Goes well with both meat and vegetable dishes.

Canvas White Wine

Made from white grapes, the extract is fermented to a level where sugar is not fully transformed to alcohol. Expert vintners at SWB’s wineryhave gained mastery in such a procedure, which ensures the wine’s sweet aromatic taste.

Goes well with spicyAsian cuisine.


One of the fast selling brands, and introduced in 2010 by Shree Mahakali Wine, Divine wines are made from grapes, tea, spices, tea, and fruits.

Divine Wine Sweet Red

Intense in color, it has heavy aromas of spices, tea leaves, and flowers. The rich fruit sensation is complemented by warm alcohol and gripping tannins. It is matured up to two- and-half years.

Goes well with both meat and vegetable dishes.

Divine Wine White

Light and elegant, this golden-hued wine has a concentrated grape flavor that is very sweet and soft on the palate. It is matured up to three years.

Great as an aperitif and goes well with spicy Asian dishes.


Produced by Makalu Wine Industries at Sankhuwasabha, since 1995, Hinwawines are made from wild fruits like raspberry, Himalaybarberry and saffron.

Hinwa Sweet Red

Made from hand-picked Himalayan berries, chutro (barberry) and aiselu (raspberry), at altitudes of 2500 m and above, this deep crimson wine has a refreshingly fresh aroma and ripe crispy fruit flavors.

Pairs well with meat and spicy meals.

Hinwa Sweet White

Made from aiselu (raspberry) grown in the high Himalayan region, this golden off white has an aromatic well-balanced fruitiness that is light on the palate and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

King's Hill Sweet Red

Made from especially grown grapes, it has a smooth sweetness and rich flavor.

Goes best with roast meat and baked pasta.

King's Hill Sweet White

Made from especially grown apples and other fruits, it is very smooth with a rich fruity flavor that lingers on the palate. .

Goes well with most dishes, and especially well with baked pasta and roast meat


Manufactured in Pokharaby Hill Hut Winery, and said to be the first Nepali wine, Dandaghare wines are made from different fruits, herbal fruits, and honey. It is available in four flavors, Aangan, Pidi, Majheri, and Aati.


Made from sisnu(nettles) and oranges, Nettlange is produced by Sakaro Beverages.


Also made by SakaroBevergaes, Grapple wine is produced from grapes and Mustang apples. 

Big Master, Napa Valley, and Black Stone


Sweet red wines made by Royal Kathmandu Himalaya Beverage,Sanga, Kavre, from grapes.