Budweiser is an American-style pale lager beer, says Wikipedia. I get a bit confused with this American-style kind of thing, since it really doesn’t mean anything much. What is more important is the taste of the beer, and more than that, the satisfying of a thirst that makes the desire for a chilled can of beer a pure craving of the soul. Budweiser will understand what all this lyrical stuff is about, for they are after all going all out to quench the thirst of dog day afternoons and muggy moisture-sucking evenings that completely dry you out.

Add to this the full-throated roars and chants and curses that emit without conscious thought every time that damn ball is kicked round all over the place by those ‘I’ll be damned, he’s good!’ footballers at the World Cup in good old Russia, and what you get are fifty-sixty thousand and more folks seeking a cool can in their sweaty hands and the ‘oh my god’ blessed trickle of ice-cold Budweiser American-style pale lager down the gullet, bringing cool happiness to every part of the being as the trickle becomes a flow that eventually lands softly in your gut.

And that’s why you get the ‘beer belly’. Got it? But, that as maybe so, that’s a small price to pay (actually it could well be called a badge of honor) for uplifting the very fabric of your otherwise mundane ‘it’s a drag’ life to more ether-ly levels. Well, one doesn’t need to curl the upper lip in that familiar symbol of age-worn skepticism, really, no! Budweiser doesn’t deserve such disrespect. It’s an iconic beer, and I daresay, in this world of trumping elephants and down-and-out donkeys, it is the very symbol of power, prestige, and high esteem.

Yes, Budweiser commands your utmost respect. It is the beer that will forever be associated with the ‘by-far-the-best’ World Cup till now. Okay, so what if the Comeback Croats couldn’t come back successfully in the final? They were by far the better team, in my opinion. Boy, was that Raketivich’s equalizer powerful (don’t know if I got the spelling right, a lot of tough ‘viches’ in the Croatian team, right?). You’ll agree that the final was only the icing on a cake packed with raw excitement throughout the month-long ‘spectacular of all spectaculars’.

And, that’s the very point I’m trying to bring home—an exciting World Cup, the charisma of which will long remain shining on those beloved red and white cans of pure thirst-quenchers—Budweiser. Yeah, you’re right, they aren’t only that, they are the very stuff that brings life to parties, not because they taste so good, nor that they lighten up your mood so fast, I believe, after a score and more cans during this World Cup that Budweiser is truly that friend everyone seeks—cool company, in other words!