Vesper Sparkles

Eight years ago, two young entrepreneurs enjoying themselves with a few glasses of fun, and had an idea of classing up the Kathmandu palate.

Where is a girl in Kathmandu to find some good sparkle? A question I found myself asking around, as I missed the life of brunching, or just relaxing with a good glass of wine. Highly recommended by most people, I decided to go see what this place was all about. Just around the corner, high white walls and mystery is Vesper Café and Restaurant in Jhamel/Restaurant Road.



As I stepped in, I was in awe of what I found, a beautiful Tuscany-inspired space setting the ambience. A space you would consider spending an entire day enjoying the details of your surroundings and finding something new. I met with Alex Lal Muktan and Gagan Kunwar, the brilliant minds behind Vesper House.

“We are a leading independent wine house and trading company in Nepal, specializing in offering exclusive wines from around the world, many from boutique producers and established world renowned wineries. Our wide range of wines is carefully selected by us to ensure we offer the very best combination of quality, value, and choice, catering for all tastes,” says Alex, a passionate wine connoisseur. With two wine cellars in the Vesper vicinity, the range of fine wines was mesmerizing. With clientele like Dwarika, Annapurna Hotel, Hyatt Regency, Fairfield by Marriot, Pho 99, and Mezze by Roadhouse, Vesper House has really established itself in the market in eight short years, holding tasting events with wine producers and sommeliers.

As any good businessmen, Gagan and Alex did their market study with Italian wines, and started their journey of introducing wine culture in 2009 through Vesper House, specializing in French and Italian wines and wines from all over the world. Bringing wines to Nepal and creating a buzz is not the sole purpose of Vesper House.  Teaching about the wines and their origins and the process; it is important knowledge that needs to be imparted to truly be able to comprehend what the fuss is really about.

I started my voyage for sparkling wines with the brand ambassadors of Follard Processo in Nepal. One of the many varieties of wines Vesper carries, sparkling wine broadly refers to all categories of bubbly wine (bubblies). The sparkles in the sparkling wines are carbon dioxide trapped in the bottle during the fermentation process. Champagne is usually the first thing that pops in our minds when we mention bubblies, however, this is only referred to sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of northeast France.

Processo is an Italian sparkling wine known and loved for its fruity and fragrant characteristics. Most Prosecco variants have intense primary aromas and are meant to taste fresh and light, unlike champagne, which is appreciated for its rich taste and complex secondary aromas. The intensely aromatic flavor of Prosecco brings to the mind yellow apple, pear, white peach, apricot, and even lilac and acacia flowers. Like other sparkling wines, Prosecco is served chilled. Prosecco does not ferment in the bottle, and therefore should be drunk as young as possible. Follador Prosecco is one such Prosecco available at the Vesper House that sets the standard for sparkling wines worldwide.


Due to the lack of knowledge, where sparkling wines are still considered to be champagne, the Vesper House founders have changed the game even in the five-star hotels in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. As the ambassadors of Follard Presecco, whose main objective and fundamental values are to achieve quality and genuineness in their wines, Vesper House matches the profile.

Using a slow and carefully controlled method called Charmat method, Follard produces a sparkling wine with a balanced and elegant taste expressed through subtle aromas, rich flavors and scents. Prosecco is often drunk on its own, but if you are looking at pairing, it will go with any sort of food; think “party food”, canapes and finger food. The Bellavista’s Alma Cuvee Brut and Rose are also excellent choices of sparkling wines with any light appetizers on the Vesper Café menu.