Sweaty days have started to come to the beginning of the end now which means that monsoon is here, she is literally knocking on our doors. A lot of people love monsoon with its rain and freshness and such but, well, it is not my cup of tea. I do not hate the rainy season but I do not love it either. For me monsoon means staying indoors, lazing around and indulging myself in snacking and enjoying comfort food and drinks. So to make the season more enjoyable for those people who like monsoon and to make it bearable for my fellow brethren who are not big fans, here are some drinks that you must try.

Irish Coffee

Now this is one of my favorites. Simply put, Irish coffee is a coffee cocktail, made by blending hot coffee with a portion of whiskey. If the whiskey is Irish, then even better but you can add all types of whiskey in there according to your tastes, adding cream to your blended coffee and whiskey which acts like a cherry on top. It’s a perfect drink for a cloudy day.

Hot Chocolate

This is a creamy, sweet, heavenly comfort drink. If the day is a little bit chilly and/or rainy then I mostly spend it with a comforter wrapped around me and this heavenly thing in my hands. This is the easiest and most effortless drink to whip up. You just have to heat up milk with cocoa powder and sugar and voila, it’s ready. You can also add whipped cream or marshmallows or both if you’re feeling a bit fancy.

Boozy Pomegranate Cider

Now monsoon season does not only mean that you experience chilly, rainy days; monsoon also means humid hot sweaty days where it’s raining or cloudy outside but you’re dying of heat. For those days, you can try this drink, pom poms as in our regular ol’ pomegranate juice but just a little bit fancier—to make this add apple cider, some sugar syrup and ice cubes according to your taste. Not only does it both look and taste good but it also improves blood flow and blood pressure to give you a healthy heart, and as an added bonus it also cools down your humid day. A total win-win situation!

Litchi Martini Slush

Whew! Litchi is one of my favorite fruits, no exaggeration, no lies. The only reason why monsoon is bearable for me is because it’s litchi season. For this floral drink all you have to do is to mix litchi, vodka and ice cubes. If you’re not a fan of too-sweet drinks then you can add lemon juice. This drink is so refreshing for a hot rainy day, plus it provides a little bit of buzz for that easygoing and chill day.