With the winter season still ongoing, it definitely seems like a good idea to learn about and try more varieties of wine and keep yourself warm. Expanding my wine horizons through tasting experiences has always been a joyful activity for me. Not only I am having fun, but with it comes in-depth learning. This week, I opted for one of the faster selling brands, introduced in 2010 by Shree Mahakali Wine, Divine Wines, which comes in varieties of sweet red and white. Flavorful and reasonable, Divine Wine is definitely a great choice if you are bringing a bottle to a dinner or event as a gift, or on a cozy family night.

Divine Wine Sweet Red
Bright, fresh and intense in color, Divine Wine Sweet Red has heavy aromas of spices, tea leaves, and flowers. The spicy taste is well complemented by warm alcohol and gripping tannins. Matured for up to two-and-a-half years, it has a savory, earthy finish.

Divine Wine White
This golden-hued wine is made up of a perfect blend of sweetness and grapey fruit flavors, with good balanced acidity and a hint of flowers. The concentrated grape flavor brings out a very sweet and soft taste on the palate. It is matured up to three years and is particularly a good wine when consumed young.