Warsteiner, the Wild One

It has been a tiring day, and I’m looking forward to reaching home. ‘Home’ means my apartment on the fifth floor of a twelve-storied building—the view from this high is pleasing. The air is bracing, and there are fewer mosquitoes because they get tired flying so high! As dusk falls, I sit on my small verandah, the green valley rolling to the far distance, a soothing sight for eyes sore from staring into a laptop the whole day. It’s pretty much of a pleasant setting for a nice evening of winding down. Yet, I feel something is missing…oh yes, a tall glass of chilled beer would just about make it perfect!

I open my freezer, and there it is, looking forlorn and distinctively different from the myriad mundane foodstuff inside. It’s begging for my attention, but it’s no ordinary item, mind you. It’s the newest baby in town. The name itself is exotic, Warsteiner. A premium German beer, no less! I pour it into a tall, tall, glass the way beer should be poured, that is, down the side. That’s to prevent formation of too much foam, but lo and behold, this beer doesn’t obey the law. It’s fairly frothing, with excitement I guess, at finding release at long last. A freedom-loving beer, that’s what it is. A rebel, in a sense.

Oh yes, it’s quite the wild one. The first sip brings back memories of the times I used to go camping in the woods. It’s like a call to adventure. The taste is strong, manly even, and there’s a bitterness that’s quite tangible, which adds to its masculinity. I wonder what its name means. I remind myself to look it up later, right now that’s not so important. Glugging it down my eager throat takes priority at the moment. Still, I steal a quick glance at the label, and discover that it’s from a brewery that was established way back in 1753! And, hey, the brewery is in a place called Warstein in Germany, so that takes the mystery out of its name.

And, there’s no mystery about its character, either. It has a fulsome personality, one would have to say, which is based solidly on a strength of character that is impressive. If a group of guzzlers were to be asked for the most suitable word to describe its taste, chances are that nine out of ten would say, ‘robust’. If asked for another word, most likely it would be ‘full-bodied’. I am no expert on beer (or anything else, for that matter), but I have had more than a few down my throat in my time, and this worldly experience gives me the confidence to recognize superiority and excellence when I drink one.

Certainly, Warsteiner is a brand that stands on a higher plane than many other brands out there. Don’t be intimidated by the noble-sounding name, instead, let it assure you about its proud lineage, one that has been put to the test through almost three centuries, and perfected to such a degree as to promise a highly satisfying experience for all beer lovers.