Fr!day talked to Mr. Pradip Mandal, the brand manager of Rohto Mentholatum, one the best cosmetic brands in Nepal, about his company and its products.

When were Rohto Mentholatum products launched in Nepal?
Rohto Mentholatum is actually a 120-year-old Japanese multinational company, with branches across the world. We launched our cosmetic products in 2014 in Nepal.

Are the products skin-friendly to Nepali customers? Have you carried out any research before introducing Rohto products in Nepal?
Definitely. Prior to coming to Nepal, we had done at least two years research on what would work best and what was needed in Nepal. Then, we introduced our products accordingly.

What are the products available here?
The products available here are acne treatments, sunscreens, Oxy for men, andeye drops.

Which is your bestselling product in Nepal?
Our bestselling product would have to be the acne treatment products like Acnes, but along with this, our other brands such as Sunplay and Oxy are also doing quite well.

How has the customers’ feedback and response been?
As our brand is almost available all over Nepal, and since we did our research when introducing products into the market, the overall feedback and responses have been positive so far.

Are the products pocket-friendly to the customers?
Yes, but no. Our products aren’t that cheap, you need to invest more. The thing about our products is that you get good results with less amount of products in comparison to other products. So, a little goes a long way.

Why should customers choose your products over other products in the market?
Quality. We are a Japanese multinational company doing business in over 200 countries. In developing products, we look into the humidity, environment, skin type, and climate of the country, and formulate products accordingly.

Could you tell us more about Miss Acnes?
Miss Acnes is a beauty pageant that we’re holding for our brand this year, and its different from other beauty pageants. Our pageant is forcreating our brand awareness, and the winners of this pageant will become the brand ambassadors of Rhoto.For the winners, we will provide them with a good platform to help them in the future.