In recent years, wine has become an imperative part of the Nepali partying and clubbing culture. There are around half-a-dozen Nepal-produced wines in the market today, but very few from the vineyards of foreign lands. Global Wines Direct is a UK-based company having its branch offices in London, Europe, and India, and operated by three wine consultants who have a combined experience of twenty years in the beverage sector. The idea of introducing Himalaya Wines to Asia sprung after an intensive research about wines around the global market that could complement Asian cuisine; which of course was scarce.

Hence, since 2013, Global Wines Direct has been developing, producing, and launching their own brand of wines created to complement Asian cuisines right across the global markets. We talked to Chairman Dipendra Prasad Pradhananga of Aloha Himalaya Investment Pvt. Ltd.,authorized importer of Global Wines Direct in Nepal,and a pioneer in exporting Nepali food products and liquors to Europe, to know more about Himalaya Wines, and its compatibility with Asian culinary tastes. The company is launching three variants of Himalaya Wines—White Wine, Red Wine and Rose—in the Nepali market in February 2017. A certain amount from the sales of Himalaya Wines will be donated for education of the children of deceased and destitute migrant workers.

What made you introduce an international wine in Nepal when there are more than half-a-dozen brands of Nepal-made wine in the market today?
Himalaya Wines has been produced especially to complement Asian cuisines. In the last few years, we have been researching and looking for affordable Nepali and Indian wines, with qualities that can be appreciated and perfectly complement Asian food dishes. It isno surprise that we found very little in the market. Global Wines Direct, which conducted a 12-month project experimenting with grapes, spices, and aromas, is the first UK company producing wines internationally, to make wine that especially complements authentic Asiancuisine.

Where is Himalaya Wines produced?
The wine is produced at the Cosecheros y Criadores in the La Rioja region of Spain. Exceptional conditions, such as the vineyard’s altitude, climate, rocky soil, and weather, and the latest wine technologies and carefully chosen grapes ensure diversified elaboration ofour Himalaya wines.

Does Himalaya Wines meetthe demands ofthe current wine drinking trend?
The wines we make are at the forefront of new trends and consumer demands, thanks to their characteristics. These wines are innovative and versatile, inspired by our passion for the wine world. They stand out as being the only wines in this market segment having as many as three to six months of barrel-ageing, in addition to use of latest processing technologies. The close cooperation with country trendsetters allow us to anticipate trends,and make new products that respond to both the demand of new consumers, as well as of the most traditional and classic.

Currently, how many flavors of Himalaya Wines are available in the market? Could you throw some light on their features?
Right now, there are three variants of Himalaya Wines: White Wine, Red Wine, and Rose. The white wine is clean and bright, with lemon-yellow color and greenish glints. This wine has medium aroma intensity, with fruity notes of lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, and floral sensations, with strong hints of chamomile and jasmine. Its flavor is silky and fresh, making it smooth and unctuous on the palate, and it has a well-balanced flavor with a long crisp note. This wine is recommended for drinking on its own at any time, as an aperitif, and with tandoori, fish, rice, and light curry dishes.
Similarly, the red wine is aged for three months in American oak barrels, and has varieties of Tempranilo grapes. This wine is in red color of medium depth, with ruby rim and abundant tears.  It is highly intense, with aromas of black plums, raisins, and dates, and spicy, with hints of vanilla, coffee-cream, and mocha, a mineral background, and very complex at the end. The flavor is smooth and silky on the way in, with pleasant tannins from both grapes and the oak. The red wine is recommended for drinking on its own at any time, as an aperitif, and with Asian curry dishes.
Himalaya Rose is made of 100% Tempranilo grapes from the La Rioja, Spain, vineyard. This wine is raspberry-pink in color, with violet glints and dense tears. The aroma of the wine is of red fruits with nuances of cassis, raspberries, and strawberries, with balsamic hints. This wine gives silky and velvety sensations on the palate, with an unfolding body and a long finish. Himalayan Rose goes well with fish, appetizers, pasta, rice dishes, and cheese.