How long have you been married?
Thirty years now.

How did the two of you meet?
We were in college; I was seventeen, and he was twenty-one. He used to be the bass guitarist in his band and was to travel to Bhutan for a gig with his band, which didn’t have a lead singer. I used to sing then ; asked to sing with them. I agreed and went to Bhutan with them. While there, Rabi and I went on a long drive, and that’s where our journey together began.

How do you keep up with each other?
When I was doing my Phd, I was offered a job at the University of Wisconsin. Since my kids were in the States, I took it. He comes to the States for half the year, and I come back home to be with him for the other half. We are involved in each other's life but also give our professions respect and space that it demands.

What was the last gift that he got you?
He’s very bad at getting me gifts. He used to spoil me with chocolates when we were younger, but now he just gets me what I ask for. Recently, I asked him for a Gucci purse; which he got me. He cannot surprise me with gifts, he's very bad at that.

Describe him in one word?

One bad habit that you hate about him?
He’s laid-back. I’m an organized person, he on the other hand, is so relaxed and easy-going. “Bhai hal cha” is all he has to say!

How often do you go on bike rides with him?
I hate bikes. I’m not fond of them at all. Rabi only started biking eight-nine years ago. The first poker run that they went for, I didn’t accompany them. But then, when they did their poker run to Pokhara, I had to go. It was a big deal for them to ride all the way to Pokhara. I rode in my car, of course. (Laughs) I drove behind the riders and my car was their supply truck. They had their first-aid kit and extra gear in my car. 

Have you both ever collaborated for work?
Apart from singing for his band years ago, not really. We sit together with our friends in the evenings and jam some days! 

How different is Rabi Thapa, the husband, from Rabi Thapa, the motorcyclist?
When he’s on his motorcycle with his leather jacket and his entire gear, he’s in his element then. I just like to stand afar and watch. We have great respect for each other and our professions. What he does can be dangerous, so it does scare me, but I let him have his space and have his heart’s content. He’s a great father, friend, and husband. He’s worked very hard for what he’s achieved, and I’m very proud of him. He deserves all the appreciation and love that 
he gets.