Pushpa Maharjan, a young and inspiring sportsperson in town, who started from street riding and went on to win the junior category of the national championship in cross country cycling in 2008, shares his amazing cycling experiences with us in a short conversation we wish could have been longer.


Is cycling your hobby or passion?

Cycling is my passion, for sure. I have been cycling ever since I was a little kid, and I don’t think I do it just as a hobby. 


 What made you break into this sport?

I was always spellbound to see my seniors do wheelies and wheel stands, although they are very difficult to do. I was so fascinated that I had to learn them. I don’t know why, but I had to! 


What awards have you received till date?

I have won the national championship in cross country cycling, junior category, in 2008, and the TAN junior category race, also in 2008. I was also among the top 10 qualifiers in the 2009 national championship, and have won several categories in E’s Nest Pump Up Fest in Nepal.


What is the stunt that you enjoy doing the most?

Flying in the air with my cycle in ramp-jumps is the stunt I enjoy doing the most. I always feel like pausing the moment while I am in the air with my cycle.


It is a tough job to cycle on pump tracks. What amount of practice and hard work goes into it? 

 It requires lots of practice, exercise, and concentration, and your physical and mental presence along with technical training is very crucial. Most importantly, taking safety precautions and riding only on tracks designed for stunts is important.