Why is DJ Bki Cool called Ktm’s loudest DJ? Well, we got it and more, all answered in a conversation with Mr. DJ himself. Here’s what he had to say.

DJ as a profession is quite unusual. What made you break into the field?
It took me seven years to get to where I am today. I was always obsessed with music. There is a band called Linkin Park whose videos always featured a DJ in the corner doing his thing, not just anything, but something amazing that came naturally to him. He produced some amazing music and that drove me wild every time. After that, I got a PC of my own, downloaded a DJ- ing software, started producing my own mixes, and got on to learning from tutorials online. I even sent my mixes to friends who were already popular DJs, as I never received formal trainings on DJ-ing. They judged my work, passed me their ideas and suggestions, and motivated me to produce good mixes. That is how I broke into this field.

Where can we find you if we want to see you DJ-ing?
I do freelancing as well, but currently, I am the in-house DJ at The Victory Lounge, Durbar Marg. I play there mostly on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Ktm’s Loudest DJ is what you are known as. Does it have a story to it, or was it specifically for the Himalaya Color Splash?
I have been called ‘the power house’ and ‘most energetic DJ’. When I am on stage, I am a completely different person, I go full power, and I put my whole energy and every muscle of my body goes into what I do. Well, the loudest DJ tag is associated with the Himalaya Color Splash event specifically, but then it’s quite similar to the other tags I am associated with.

Many envy the life of a DJ. Is a DJ’s life always fun?
When people are having fun on the dance floor, we are busy making sure they are enjoying to the fullest. I see many couples, friends, and families enjoying together at events like New Year’s, Christmas, and every other event happening now and then. But, we stand there entertaining them and missing out on our personal life. I have a small story to share on this. Exactly a year ago, in the Nepali New Year, I broke up with my girlfriend on the eve, and the same night I had a show to perform. I was heartbroken, but people are too critical to see a sad DJ on the set. I was the powerhouse that evening too. My friends were surprised to see how I managed to look so happy and with full-on power after an hour of break up. But then, the show must go on!

Which is your favorite DJ-ing experience till date?
I have had quite a lot of such experiences. To tell about my favorite, it has to be the Halloween’s event at The Victory Lounge itself. The crowd was massive! Their response kept me going like crazy. I had never witnessed something like that. I literally cried with joy, and felt like jumping and hopping around with elation.

What can partygoers expect in your gigs?
Basically, I am an established commercial DJ in Nepal. So, I will be playing some commercial numbers with some progressive idiom music, which has a very powerful build up. I am sure the music will definitely make you want to jump and bounce on the dance floor, rather than just dancing. I will be playing some of my finest tracks, which will give you goose bumps. I am also experimenting on a practical set for the event.

Have you ever had a mishap while DJ-ing? Any embarrassing moment you want to share with us?
Everyone in every field has moments of embarrassment. I have had mine too. What happens with our job is that, whenever the music stops on the dance floor, the DJ is blamed for it. There was an event I was performing on Christmas, where I had a bang on entrance, and everybody was screaming with joy. Thirty seconds after my entry and play off, there was a power cut! Everyone started booing me; people were savage at me, when it was the generator not functioning. That is a misconception people have, and that embarrasses us.