In pursuit of the ultimate goal of zero emission, Kia Motors has established an EV mass production system based on their independent technology. In addition to its amazing design, enticing driving, and elegant interior, the Soul EVcomes with everything you expect from an amazing electric car.Mr. SuridhGhimire, President, Continental Trading Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., talked to us about Kia Soul EV and its significance in Nepal today.

What is your say on Kia as a global brand?

Kia is the fastest emerging global top 5th brand in the world. It is a six-billion-dollar company, with its brand value increasing especially in Europe, the market where only high-end products sustain. Also, Kia is the fastest growing company, with sales of around 3.5 million cars every year that the company plans to increase to 6 million by 2020. This will make Kia the biggest brand in the world, hopefully.

Did you take any initiative policy from the government for Kia Soul EV in Nepal?

Yes, we did, because the whole world is going for environment-friendly products today. If you look at New Zealand and Nepal, they have very similar topology and environmentalsituation,and both are countries generating hydropower electricity. Consequently, every third car in New Zealand seems to be an EV.

When the budget was announced, I thought, Nepal is also a power generating country, and we are soon going to have surplus electricity.Hence, if we do not do it now, we will never do it. So I persuaded the government to reduce custom duty for EVs. We could save a lot of fuel by usingelectricity produced in our own country, at the same time keeping our city clean and unpolluted. Thankfully, the government agreed and supported us by reducing the custom duty. We are still making efforts to make EVs custom-free in the days to come.

Why should people choose Kia Soul EV?

Everyone needs a car, but then how responsible are you towards the environment? What kind of environment do you want your children to live in? What quality of air would you prefer to breathe in?  Especially in Kathmandu valley, the same polluted air is circulated round and round, and you breathe in the same polluted air, risking your health. So, choosing Soul EV is choosing good health. Similarly, if you buy a diesel or petrol car, your operating cost will be at least five to six rupees per kilometer. Whereas, in case of Soul EV, you spend around two rupees and sixty-six paisa while charging the car for a few hours during the non-load hours at night,which is highly economical. 

Can you imagine, you are riding such a beautiful car and saving your money and the environment at the same time? 

Likewise, since this car runs on battery, you save the charges of fuel filter replacements, engine parts replacement, oil changing, and all other maintenance charges. Most importantly, you acquire the tag of a responsible person contributing to the environment.

There are lots of EVs in the market today. How is Kia Soul EV different from other EVs?

Kia Soul is the only vehicle produced on a SUV platform. All other EVs are smaller in size, have lower ground clearance, and are compact sedans, whereas Kia has higher ground clearance and a bold look, and it has proven to be the best EV in the world. Soul EV is a very dynamic design car, it has won many design awards till date for its aggressive and modern design. The Soul EV is very functional, a total of five people can move very easily in the car, which makes it stand out from all other cars today.