ISIS, the major cause of global death and destruction in recent years, has taken a terrible and totally demoralizing defeat, thanks mostly to Vladimir Putin’s bold decision to take them head-on in their very heartland. Under his astute leadership, Russia, which was on the verge of becoming a minor player on the world stage despite being the biggest country on the planet and the only nation with a nuclear arsenal matching that of U.S.A., the only superpower today, has regained its rightful glory once again. The charismatic Putin has the highest popular rating of any world leader in their country; the Russians are reveling in a robust economy and swaggering around with new found pride. Oh yes, vodka will flow like water, and the fireworks over Red Square, that famous symbol of world communist dominance, will be extra spectacular during Christmas and New Year. Doubtless, the Russians will be partying as never before!
In the United States, the DOW Jones Index, the accepted indicator of prosperity throughout the globe, is breaking all records, going past one benchmark after another and hovering at the 24,000 mark. It’s an astonishing feat achieved in a short period of just one year since Donald Trump took office as the president of a superpower battling stagnant economic growth for the last eight years, brought about by one crash after another, beginning in 2008, with hundreds of thousands of home foreclosures, millions without employment, and even the most venerable  financial institutions struggling desperately to remain solvent.
Trump’s popularity ratings may not be something to write home about (mostly due to the unrelenting efforts of a highly biased liberal mainstream media, with CNN and MSNBC declaring all-out war on a president who counter-attacks with stunning effect the so-named ‘fake media’ through a Twitter account with a devoted following of over 30, 000, 000!), but the approximately half of America that voted him to power has unbridled faith and passion in his superlative business acumen and daring political moves. And, boy oh boy, will they be partying this Christmas and New Year! Beer will be guzzled by the barrel, and Times Square, the center of the free world for most people, which is always lit up incandescently bright, will certainly shine all the more!
In China, the stage is set, and the pieces are in place, for the now fully awake giant to take the ‘great leap’ to world leadership. The always cool and composed Xi Jinping has been placed on as high a pedestal as that of the venerable Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping by the recently concluded People’s Congress, and trusted with the task of propelling the already amazingly speeding country to the forefront of all the nations on planet Earth. The Chinese are, today, strutting around the world in teeming numbers, I-phones in hand and Nikons around their necks, and chattering constantly on We Chat about their exciting experiences. Online shopping is the favorite pastime for the youthful (making Jack Ma and Alibaba the leading global icons), while the aged appear to be increasingly hooked to trading shares all day long in a booming share market that can only boom further. And, along with economic power comes muscular clout, thus China has a powerful say in all affairs of the world, and in the affable Xi Jinping, a great leader of the twenty-first century. So, even if they naturally have more affinity for their own New Year, they will be celebrating the international New Year, and Christmas as well, with real exuberance. Shanghai, the New York of the East, will surely be ablaze with light, and its numerous nightclubs and bars throbbing and alive with throngs of fashionable crowds dancing to the pulsating beats of electro dance music.
And, what about our very own dear Nepal? Happily, here too everything is pointing to happier days ahead; the worst is past, and after decades of weak leadership and corrupt and ineffectual governance, we’re set to have a strong and stable government with experienced and wise leaders with lofty intentions at the helm. The lights were never brighter than this Tihar, the curse of load-shedding being a thing of the past, and peace has prevailed even through some pretty historic elections that will cement the foundations of a strong new Nepal. So, we Nepalis have many good reasons celebrate Christmas with joy and usher in the New Year by drinking and dancing through the night. So I say, bring it on, we’re going to party like never before!