If God had had the help of technology and modern medicine when he was undertaking the creation of the universe, the world would have been a much better place to live in. He definitely didn’t foresee that people would be living much longer lives than originally thought (perhaps). It’s a truism that today’s healthcare, driven by modern technology and medicine, just doesn’t let people die at the end of their natural tenure (or, tenure so ordained). A dead person is no use to the health fraternity.If only the almighty had envisaged this, he surely wouldn’t have made girls ready for giving birth at twelve (or so), and certainly, he wouldn’t have made boys ready to be fathers at age thirteen (or so). Till very recently (in the wider context of humankind’s eons-long history), people passed away before they reached fifty, or less (due to plague, other communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases, AIDS, starvation, other deprivations, wars, murder, suicide, natural disasters, etc.). In such a scenario, the creator was right in making boys and girls ready to propagate the human race at an early age, otherwise it would definitely have been extinction.

However, today, death comes pretty late (an increasing trend), and folks look quite virile and strong even after sixty-five or so. What’s more, with things like supplements, enhancers, and surgery, folks look pretty good at any age! And, just as the Pill liberated womankind, similarly, Viagra enabled old warhorses to gallop as before. Meaning, now there’s no chance of the human race disappearing, with conception possible through much of the lifetime of an individual.

So, God made a mistake, resulting ina myriad of totally unnecessary problems for girls at an age when they should rightly have been living a really carefree life; and hormones running riot in teenage boys, the result being a waste of a precious resource. You know how it is; the sturdiness of a tree is determined by the quality of the seed. One can assume that the quality of the seed is determined by its robustness, which is dependent on its youthfulness. Fresh, young, and robust—that’s how a quality seed should be—and that’s what is wasted as far as mankind is concerned.

Take it from me, just as women are all in nowadays for freezing their youthful eggs so that they can be fertilized at a more opportune moment rather than right now when they are so tied up with their careers, the time will come when young men will have their youthful seeds frozen. Only in their case, it’s not because they’ll run out of steam (no menopause), but rather, because they’ll realize the truism about the strength of the tree being reliant on the quality of the seed it is born out of. With zillions of strong, young seeds going down the drain every day (yes, literally), much of mankind today is thus born out of seeds that are older, tired, and weaker, and possibly, with less vim and vigor. No wonder society is getting sicker by the day. Time for some constructive re-creation, what?