Every Dog has its Day. Really?

Text By: Amar B. Shrestha

How relevant are adages that were made a thousand and one years ago? Adages such as “Slow and steady wins the race” (you’ll be a fool to trudge along while your colleagues zip speedily by), “A barking dog never bites” (the most problems are created by politicians, and the ones who bark the most always come out on top), “A rolling stone gathers no moss” (there’s no faster way to climb the career ladder than by leaping from one place to another), and so on.

Doubtless, this one: “A woman’s place is in the home”, will only bring angry women out onto the streets, and Twitter has made “Action speaks louder than words” just that, only words, and irrelevant at that. And, you’ll be waiting forever penniless and homeless if you stick with “All good things come to those who wait.” What about, “Beauty is only skin deep”? I say, so what? That’s enough to get you far. Ask Kim Kardashian.

As for, “Behind every great man is a woman”, I say hogwash! More great men have fallen because of women than anything else. Ask Trump, a porno star (porno star, by god!) is threatening his throne right now as I speak. And, we all know how an insignificant intern, pudgy Monica Lewinsky, felled the very popular and powerful Bill Clinton with her stained skirt and his fat cigar.

Why all this in this week’s column, you may ask. Well, all I am trying to make clear is that it’s time we shed some ancient skin, as they say. But, age-old sayings grilled through our brains from nursery onwards, are hard to get rid of, and who knows, much of one’s failings may be due to the unconscious following of such date-expired beliefs. Actually, they pretty much contribute to justifying much of one’s own lack of drive and ambition.

I remember very clearly what a well-meaning elder said to me once, when I was in the vibrant spring of youth, that perhaps led me down the path of a less than successful life (to put it mildly). She said, “You know your grandfather didn’t make a fortune (modest though it was) in one shot. He had to struggle for many years. So, learn to be patient, everything comes in its own good time.” Well, I waited, and waited, and waited, and here I am today, hacking articles like this to earn my daily bread, when with the right goals and a zeal born of impatience, I would have perhaps been riding the high horse of success, or at least, material success, which is what matters after all. Right? No?