Facebook Fatigue, Fake News, and Cryptocurrency Crash

Cool kids stopped using Facebook a long time ago, a major reason being that FB began to be a platform for an increasing number of older folks. Not cool! Now, even older folks are taking long breaks from the time-wasting exercise of posting and reading on FB. Myself? Today, I unfriended fifty so-called ‘friends’; I like this ‘unfriend’ option. Now, some day, I’ll post a groovy photo of yours truly and send invitations to fifty new folks. If they agree to be my ‘friends’, I’ll have some new photos to look at, and maybe some new things to read about for the next month. This is my cure for the ‘Facebook fatigue’ everyone’s afflicted with nowadays.

Now, fake news—thanks to the incessant and loud trumpeting by Trump of the 30 million Twiter followers, we know that most news on most news channels are made up to suit somebody or the other; could be government, could be political party, could be some filthy rich big shots, or a conglomerate awash with cash to advertise on said channel. Whatever the case may be, even the biggest channels that we all depended on faithfully to get the real unbiased news have become notorious for their ‘fake news’ (most of the leading American networks and the print media of “free media” , according to the “leader of the free world”, and of course, all Russian ones according to all Western governments). Chinese media? Heavily laced with propaganda, and tightly controlled of course, but everybody knows that.

In fact, often, as we observed during recent events—the tottering-Hillary vs. tough-talking Donald dirty duel; the Syrian proxy war between the superpower and the superpower-to-be (once again); the China-South Korea-Japan-DPRK dilemma posed by Kim of the punk haircut and his lethal missiles, as well as by the South China Sea shenanigans—the fake news on all sides reach really frenzied heights. With so much confusion around, not knowing what or who to believe, it’s better to say, what the….! Who cares anyway? And watch Wolf Warriors once again, or Occupied, on YouTube or Netflix.

Coming to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the latest is that both Amazon and Facebook (two of the biggest companies on planet Earth) have banned any advertisement related to them on their sites. Why? It’s all a big scam, according to many, including some real experts of the financial world, and they don’t want to be blamed later. Speculation, which has brought down the world markets many a time, and a ‘gamble’, which is anything but a wise thing to do, appear to be the watchwords as far as this futuristic concept of financial transaction is concerned. Hope this cools the prevailing fervor down somewhat. Till recently, even now (with some hardcore believers), the topmost thing on their minds every morning on getting out of bed was/is, “Is this the right moment to buy crypto shares? Should I, or shouldn’t I? Will I miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strike gold?”

Okay, having talked at some length about the virtual-world highlights of the times we live in today, let me finish with something really interesting and useful. Do you know that you can make yourself immensely popular (or at least create that perception) by buying a million likes on your FB post? Here are a just a few of the numerous “Likes” selling sites and the going rates for your information:

Well, we got to conclude that it’s a fake, fake world out there, so let’s make some real friends, spend time on some real work, and get off our butts and see for ourselves what’s happening around us.

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