The Greatest Test of Life

How sweet is the word, and it makes me sometimes wonder how it was coined in the first place.  Or, is it because we have been so accustomed to identifying it with the sweetest of relationships that we find the word so apt?

Whatever the case may be, love is, in the words of all romantics, as rejuvenating a feeling as a dip in icy waters at dawn. Love breaks all resistance, so they say, and love improves all things is what is universally believed. Yes, love is a belief. Yes, love is a balm. And yes, love is all that the romantics say, but in our hearts and in our minds love is more often than not, a response.

A response to our individual desire for sustaining our barren emotions in times of sorrow—a response to our craving for our individual acceptance in time that are normal. And, a response to our question of our own standing amongst the human race, leading one to believe in oneself all the more, and making life a colorful tapestry of our joy.

If love is all this and more, then why do we mortals still burn in despair at not finding true love? Should not love be the greatest goal we should all strive for? Why do we still mourn our fates in not getting this golden key to paradise? Is it really our fates that dictate who should be blessed with the gift of love, and who shouldn’t? These are questions which all have to answer.

But, the answers can be self- inflicting wounds on those that dare to question. No matter how much wealth you have acquired, no matter how much charity you have given, and no matter how much success you have tasted, you are a failed human if you have not tasted the sweet sensation called love. It is cowardice that has prevented you from accepting in your heart that you have fallen in love from the moment when you are deadly sure.

Cowardice prevents you from exploring the limits of your feelings, and excuses come in all shapes and sizes to make you think a lot, when actually what you should have been doing was to feel with your heart. For those who crib and complain of fate or Cupid’s ignorance, all one can say is that true love is noticed once in a lifetime, and when it does, one has to grab the opportunity lest it slip from your hand forever.

Love does come unbidden, and love comes unannounced, and one should be human enough to welcome it. But, what does happen is that the welcome is shallow and full of pretense, hiding itself behind a coward’s mantle, and with excuses galore. Lost love is what will follow, and one seeks consolation in the belief that one has been given a raw deal by life. Oh yes, one begins to feel the proper martyr. A chance of a lifetime, literally. Never again will one walk the path of roses and emotional attainment that the brave do. One has failed in the greatest test of life.

Therefore, all who listen, lose not that which is the most valuable gift of life because of your own lack of courage. Love comes in deliberate ways, and when it does, let your heart reign. Listen to your heart, and keep your mind at bay. Do not hide behind superficial and hypocritical excuses that you make to yourself. Love once lost cannot be regained in a lifetime. Precious is this love, and brave should be your attitude. No need to analyze and no need to brainstorm such a feeling. All you must do is to face the fact and the reality and bring courage to your actions. But, no matter what, don’t let it pass you by leaving you in the cold, and that too forever.