Ask any enlightened one, and he will tell you to that there is no place for philosophy if you want to live existentially. The latter implies a life full of experience, the former of explanations. So you see a dog fly, you can either ask how, which leads to more how’s and whys.Or, you can accept it as a fact and move on. Nevertheless, there is a place for everything, even if you don’t find it necessary. The inconsequential is what gives a certain zing to life. So, let’s have some philosophical stuff here.

I think that there are two basic kinds of humankind—one is the scientific, the other is the spiritual. The former’s entire existence is based on doubting, the latter’s on trust. The scientific fellow is the one who is responsible for all sorts of progress and development we see today, but in most cases, if their actions are not tempered by the spiritual fellow’s beliefs, they can be pretty destructive (nuclear bomb, unhealthy living, corruption, immorality, pollution, climate change, heritage destruction, etc.). Conversely, if everything were left to the spiritual fellow’s whims, bullock carts would probably be still the primary mode of transportation.

Taking it further, one kind of humankind is akin to the lion, while the other is akin to the deer. The lion is aggressive and fearless and not afraid to walk alone. The deer is timid and harmless and feels safe only in a herd. Everyone is scared of the former, and admires and respects him. As for the latter, everyone is fond of it, and loves and cherishes it. The lion is proud, and its life is full of challenges. The deer is humble, and its life is full of simplicity.

The lion is suspicious and doubtful, and its instincts are honed for hunting. Its every meal has to be searched for far and wide, and he has to be cruel and destructive to ensure that he survives. The deer is trusting and docile, and its instincts are to trust nature to give it its daily food. So, it patiently searches for nearby pasture land and grazes on grass that it is sure will grow with every coming of the rain. The deer believes, the lion doubts.

Reading all such philosophical stuff is bound to ultimately result in somebody asking some pretty unanswerable questions, such as, who is God, what comes after death, and so on. These are questions that the enlightened ones strictly forbid anyone from asking, because it is a total waste of time. Another query that’s popular with those of philosophical bent is—what is the meaning of life?

And, this is as unanswerable as the others. So, any one even slightly enlightened will probably tell you not to worry too much and not to seek too many explanations, but rather, to live life more fulsomely, so that one comes out a more conscious being. It is the experience that finally is the only truth, everything else could be fallacy. In other words, be alive when alive, and everything will fall into line!