‘Rock On’ Star Farhan Akhtar to perform in Nepal

By Esparsh Sarawagi

Farhan Akhtar, who has proved his versatility in Bollywood as an actor, director, producer, and singer, is all set to perform in Nepal on April 7, 2018, at Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu, from 3:00 p.m. onwards. Managing Director Nasir Husen of Nazzy Entertainment, the event organizer, tells us more.

How did the plan to perform in Nepal come about?

We have been conducting many musical concerts that have proved to be some of the best concerts around the world since the past ten years. Nazzy Entertainment is a reputed and trusted company in Nepal, and international singers find it to be a good investment to reach Nepal via our excellent platform to connect with their international fans. We always strive to provide the best of the best to inspire the youth and our fraternity, and audiences here are very welcoming and warm. We love making relations with all neighbors.

What will be different in your Nepal concert in comparison to your other concerts?

We always believe in quality and have never compromised with it. It will be the same as that in Mumbai, Dubai, New York, London, or any other place in the world. We believe music connects all of us, and thus we will do the same thing with full heart, full love, and with a bit of customization.

What are your plans for Nepal?

Our vision is to bridge the gap between Indians and Nepalis, or let’s say, Asians as a whole, including the music industries, by bringing the best singers, artists, role models, and other people who can inspire the audiences, from host country to attendees. There will be huge change of knowledge, feeling, vibration, and energy, and it will make the industry grow. We always work for that.

Some of the songs that will be performed?

Tracks from the movies Rock On, Rock On 2, and Dil Dhadakne Do, and some of Farhan Akhtar’s own compositions will be performed.

What are your expectations from the Nepali audience?

The Nepali audience loves music and art and craft, and is passionate about performances. They expect songs that touch their heart. They love to sing along with the artists. This time, we will provide the best musical experience for all the fans out there.

Will Farhan Akhtar also visit some other places in the country after the concert?

Yes, he will visit a few of the best places in the country, but it will be unofficial, and they will be his personal trips to get in touch with nature and the locals of Nepal.

Can the audience also expect Nepali songs by Farhan?

For sure. Since Nepali songs have a feeling of deep emotions, which we want to relate to, we have asked him to sing some Nepali songs as well that can be soothing for the Nepali audience.

Anything special you want to add for your fans.

We will rock and make the best of memories together.