How did you begin your journey?
During my schooldays, when I was a teenager, I used to play guitar, violin, and drums, as well. We had a band named "The Four K's". I never thought I would be playing drum for the next forty-five years. So, I feel like I was born to play music.

When did you join Prism band?
I am not the founding member of the band. I became a member of Prism in 1980. a year after the formation of band itself.

What are the other members of Prism doing at present? 
One of the founding members of the band, George Subba, recently passed away. And, some of them are busy in their own performances, including myself.

Many countless bands have followed Prism's footsteps. How do you feel?
I feel fantastic. During that time, rock bands were more in demand. Many junior artists were involved with our band, and we were guiding the other bands of that time, as well.

Tell us about your music school?
Talking about my own, I never went to music school. I never learnt playing drums, guitar, and all that. I used to get updated with the albums of my idol, Ringo Star, and got influenced. But, back then in 2006, I taught students in "The Music Land" at Lazimpat, where I was the part of management. Later, at Basantapur, I taught in my own back studio in 2010.

How do you see the music scene evolving?
We can see the drastic changes in music. During my time, technology was almost non-existent.  At present, it has developed so far. And musicians have access to all kinds of updated technology. They are technically efficient. Musicians have very good opportunities.

What do you think it is that makes you the "legendary drummer of Nepal"?
I was one of the first to glamorize playing drums in Nepal. I performed at City Hall back then, and gave performances that amazed audiences. So, I think this made me the "legendary drummer of Nepal".