Akash Nath Pyakuryal, proprietor of Nana’s Delight, has been living abroad since he was young. His father worked in Malaysia, giving him the opportunity to get an international degree. Akash lived in Australia for nearly a decade, attending college there where he studied journalism. After graduating, he worked at ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) for three months and also worked as a server and waiter in different restaurants in Australia, where he began to develop an interest in food and desserts. His brother opened a budget hotel here in Kathmandu and later expanding the business to Sauraha, Patan, and Pokhara. The brothers followed this up by bringing cakes, pastries, truffles, cookies and eventually chocolates to the public. Big Mart was one of the first outlets to sell these chocolates.

Though their chocolate is made mostly from Nepali ingredients, the main component, cocoa beans are necessarily imported from India and the Philippines; in every other way, though, their chocolates ares crafted in Nepal using local recipes. They have three lines at the moment: milk chocolate, goji berry dark chocolate using Nepali-grown goji berries, and premium chocolate made with 70% cocoa and filled with Mustang apples—they’re working on a coffee bar, as well! The bestselling product is premium dark chocolate, which has proven to be a big hit. They began by selling their chocolates in places like Bhatbhateni Supermarket and Big Mart, and never expected that the souvenir market would also be interested in their products. But they now supply chocolates to shops in Tribuwan International Airport and Thamel, giving tourists something new and tasty to bring home from Nepal with them.

Their future plans are ambitious and exciting, too: they would like to have a more affordably priced offering and good quality cocoa, add more Nepali ingredients to their products and maybe, one day, tackle the big brands like Kit Kat and Cadbury in Nepal. Their long term goal is to build an industry that uses Nepali-grown beans, which will mean starting a cocoa bean farm. It might take 10 years or more, but Akash is interested in starting one and is willing to work hard to succeed despite challenges. After all, entering a market filled with big name chocolate competitors was risky, and Nana’s Delight doesn’t produce in large quantities and is a little more expensive, so he was nervous at first. But he needn’t have been: Nana’s Delight is delicious and has already built a very loyal customer following. After all, the world will always need more chocolate!

But what do they taste like, I hear you asking? Well, the Nepali truffle was just amazing, its chocolate filling was so satisfying, and I absolutely recommend you buy and eat it now. As for their big three, Nana’s Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Premium Chocolate, all were really delicious, though the milk chocolate had Himalayan pink salt in it, which I found just so-so. As for the Dark Chocolate, I was never fond of it before, but Nana’s Delight changed my mind. It was bitter, yet so tasty. And the Premium, the star of these three, contained tasty Mustang apples and pistachios. Overall I would recommend you try all three, as tastes can vary. But as for me, Nana’s Dark Chocolate and Premium will be forever in my heart.