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The Coffee Lounge from Woolwich London brings new coffee to Kathmandu for coffee lovers, and that’s flat white. The taste is just as different as the name. Literally, every sip gives you that essence of coffee you've always wanted.

Text By Shreeti Pandey

Flat White is obviously an enhancement to the growing coffee culture in the valley. Also, don’t forget to taste their freshly made Chicken Ceasar sandwich to complement your cup of coffee. It’s a delicious artisan sandwich. The best thing about flat white is that it’s made from medium dark roasted blend of Robusta and Arabica beans. Moreover, the place where it is served gave me a feel of being in London due to its soothing and classy ambience. Yes, that’s my experience with their flat white and Chicken Ceasar sandwich.

To see more happy faces after tasting their coffee and sandwich, Friday sat down for a cup of coffee with some coffee lovers and foodies in town, and here's what they have to say:

Roshan Malla (Relation Manager, Citizen Bank)

Rating: 3.5 Out of 5

Coffee culture is an increasing trend in Nepal. I can even see people standing on the street drinking coffee or any other soft drinks or hot beverages. Coffee has also become a part of my daily routine. So yes, I would say coffee culture has developed so far, and flat white has brought an enhancement to this culture. Mostly, I prefer latte, and what I liked about flat white is that it's a little stronger than cappuccino, thicker than latte, and you will get a rich feeling of milk. I also felt more mildness of milk and well blended taste of milk and coffee. Basically, it's in between latte and cappuccino. I have found the aroma of coffee little bit faded, usually, but after drinking flat white, I felt like I am really drinking coffee. I would definitely recommend it to coffee lovers. If they try it, they might replace their existing coffee with flat white for a new taste.

Foodnomics (Blogger)

Rating: 4 Out of 5

Normally, I don’t drink coffee without sugar, but flat white can be drunk the other way, as this is something new. It is a little bitter and also has an earthy taste to it. Those who are skeptical about espresso can definitely try flat white. Coffee lounge is a great place to hang out with friends and family. If you are a coffee lover and don’t like much foam, then flat white is perfect for you. It’s also paired up with the sandwich, as the saltiness totally complements the bitter taste of coffee.

Mr. Foodie Nepal (Blogger)

Rating: 3.5 Out of 5

I am a huge coffee enthusiast, and this is something I would like to drink every day. I usually go for Americano, but this is the coffee I would prefer if had to choose something other than that, because the strong feeling of Americano is there and the thickness of milk does not bother you. I have seen coffee shops doing very well in Kathmandu, and this can be nice and welcoming for developing coffee culture in our city. A coffee person will definitely like flat white, as it's something different for coffee lovers of Kathmandu. And, about the sandwich, it's really good for breakfast. What I like the most about it is that it is very fresh and the tomatoes make it taste sweet; also, the meat is really good. I think it is a great accompaniment for coffee, too. I also love the place and the ambience is very new to this locality. This place has its base in London, and I see a bright future for it.

Krisha Bajracharya (Vlogger)

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

I am not a coffee drinker, this is my first cup of coffee after years, and I'm sipping it again and again. I don’t prefer to drink coffee a lot, but yes, I like this coffee. I also like the sandwich; it goes really well with the coffee. Moreover, for me, the ambience is the best here. I lived in London for four years, and when I came for the opening ceremony of The Coffee Lounge, it brought back all the old memories; this place took me to my London times, so I was literally moved and I felt really nostalgic.

The Coffee Lounge  has three outlets: Shakya Arcade in Durbar Marg, QFX Chhaya Center, Thamel, and Labim Mall, Lalitpur (coming soon).

Contact No.: +977-01-4225218

Opening hours 9am -9pm