Dhabas, the extensive roadside eateries that top up the highways along India were once the exclusive domain of truck drivers. Today, eating at a dhaba has transformed into a trend, something of a tourist attraction. Recreating roadside dining and reintroducing the authentic flavor of northern and southern Indian cuisines to residents of Kathmandu and their in-house guests, with snapshots of rural India, has been a long established tradition of SoalteeCrowne Plaza. This year, the Punjabi Food Festival, ‘Happy Singh Da Dhaba’, is even bigger and better, happening from November 22 till December 7 at Sundeck, outside the area of the all-day dining garden terrace of SoalteeCrowne Plaza. With an elaborate special menu of food and drink items delivering the authentic Indian taste, this much-awaited festival is indeed a culinary delight.

“The Punjabi food festival, ‘Happy SIngh Da Dhaba’, is everything you would expect from a typical roadside Indian restaurant, and much more. First of all, the menu is very impressive, with an amazing array of dishes to choose from. Fromvery authentic to simple food, and from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, the event has something for everyone,” says the food and beverage managerKedarPandey ofSoalteeCrowne Plaza. The menu includes a wide range of starters, fulfilling main courses, and desserts, all of great taste, and the sensible pricing just adds up to the unmistakable feel of Indian roadside dining.

This year’s ‘Happy Singh Da Dhaba” is led by Yuba Raj Pokhrel, Executive Chef,SoalteeCrownePLaza, along with an expert chef, RavinderSIngh Paul, from Ludhiana Chandigarh, India, to prepare the delicacies of the food festival. The food festival features best choices of lip-smacking highway style cooked variety of innovative yet traditional culinary delights at affordable prices. Sumptuous menu with rich signature dishes that comprise exotic ingredients and venue decor reflects the colorful spirit of Dhaba culture. The special menu offers gueststhe opportunity to explore Indian cuisine's most popular dishes, made the traditional way.‘Happy SIngh Da Dhaba’ is one such food festivalof Soaltee Crown PLaza you can’t afford to miss out on.